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  1. mep1811

    Land Cruisers of the Drug war in Overland Journal magazine

    My article Land Cruisers of the Drug War is in the Spring issue of the Overland Journal. I hope you get a copy of the magazine and let me know what you think of the article. Thanks
  2. Aitor

    US Southeast Front Bumper Rally BT4X4 USA for TLC80, FJ Cruiser, 4Runner 4G & TLC70

    Hello everyone, I am writing to offer you the Rally Front Bumpers from BT4X4 USA. I am the owner of the company and we are starting to market our products. They are tubular, built with carbon steel ASTM-A36, with thicknesses of 2.5mm and sheets of 5mm, finished in electrostatic black paint. All...
  3. lilredtrailboss

    1992 Toyota Landcruiser Prado LJ78 build

    Hey everyone just logging all my progress on here and I thought id share seeing as not too many here in the US talk about them. This isn't my first time on here little over a year ago I had a 2020 Trailboss that the wife and I planned to build out. little did we know the truck just wasn't for...
  4. trail_runn4r

    2022 Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 World Premiere!

    If anyone is interested, the new Land Cruiser 300 will be unveiled in about an hour, you can watch the livestream here!
  5. L

    New to overlanding | Houston Texas | Land cruiser 1999

    Hello there dear Overland Bound community, I'm Leon extremely new to overlanding . Just got my 1999 Toyota land cruiser. (Stock suspension, tires 265/75/16) Got a inspection set up next week at the most recommend place in houston. After that I hope to get a "priority list" to understand...
  6. argyle

    New Member from Boston Area

    Hello! I have been a fan of OB for some time now and just today registered as a member. After parting with my Land Cruisers years ago (a 62 and an 80) and a few disruptive personal years that followed, things have settled somewhat (albeit amidst a pandemic) and I recently found myself a...
  7. Brav

    New member in So Cal. Land Rover > Land Cruiser..

    Hello all - I am looking to get back into wheeling. I used to have a 2010 Range Rover S/C lightly modified. It was an amazing vehicle... until the 100k mile warranty was up, then it emptied my pocket. Coincidently, was very reliable with no real issues for the first 104k. Overspending on...
  8. AxiS99

    1991 Fj80

    Hey guys, I am QUITE NEW to over landing. I have a bone stock 91 fj80. What's the first vehicle upgrade I should do to it? Roof rack? Lights? Front and rear bumpers? Sliders?
  9. stickel

    SOLD West US (Las Vegas area): 5 stock Land Cruiser 200 wheels & tires - $350 - local pickup

    Selling the stock wheels and tires which came with my 2013 Land Cruiser. I bought it used so can't be certain how many miles are on the tires, but it had 80k miles when I bought the rig (I put maybe 100 miles on them before upgrading). Check the pictures for a better idea of the tread condition...
  10. Zapo

    Yes We Canyons - An overlanding trip in spanish mountains

    On early november Cecile and i met and Lauren, and @76_overlander and his family to drive 5 days on the beautiful trails of Aragon and Catalunya, Spain, Europe. We were lucky with the weather given the season, exploring sierras and mountains, abandoned villages and breathtaking...
  11. 9

    New member

    Hey thanks for letting me join the group! Looking forward to learning and sharing! 1) Accidentally deleted the pictures I had, will take more. But it’s a lovely shade of faded green, peeling clear coat, and a slight hint of rust around the cab corners. 2) North Central PA 3) Rig: 95 Toyota...
  12. BackroadPurpose

    US Southeast 2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser Overland Rig For Sale

    Its saddens me to say this but it's time to get rid of our rig. Here's a video to the vehicle and a webpage with all of the details. We're excited to build out our new rig though!!
  13. LongboardSteve

    FOR SALE For Sale - Orange County, CA - 2013 Land Cruiser - 74k mile - $54,000 obo

    With only 74k miles this Land Cruiser is just getting broken in. Topped off with a FrontRunner roof rack, a BunduTop electric rooftop tent, 170W solar panel, and a BunduAwn Awning. This Land Cruiser is ready to roll for all your camping or long term road trip needs. Gear is brand new. Only...
  14. mep1811

    My DIY article in Toyota Trails magazine

    The latest issue of Toyota Trails magazine has my DIY side table article. I have found this side table to be very useful. Hope you enjoy. Toyota Trails - May/June 2019 Issue
  15. mep1811

    Arctic Adventures in a Vintage Land Cruiser Pt 2 in TCT Magazine

    Part two of my three part series Arctic Adventures in a Vintage Land Cruiser is now live in TCT magazine . The article starts on page 41. I hope you enjoy the article and I look forward to your comments...
  16. Ian McAdorey

    $6k Budget - Land Rover Disco 2 vs Land Cruiser 100 Series or other options

    I am currently looking at getting either a Discovery Series 2 or a Land Cruiser 100 Series. I have never owned a Toyota or Land Rover product before but I would love to hear from current owners about their experiences, pros and cons, of owning these vehicles. I have outlined below the...
  17. theogzilla

    '92 HDJ81 Land Cruiser

    What's going on everyone! Welcome to the build thread for my '92 Turbo Diesel Land Cruiser. I bought this vehicle in August 2018. I've owned several 4WD vehicles in the past but this has to be my favorite one to date. For the most part, I've always owned a JDM vehicle (my other car is a '91...
  18. Phantom44

    Owning an Icon FJ44

    Does price define luxury? In the case of an Icon FJ44, the answer is simply no. Luxury by definition, is the state of great comfort and extravagant living. While one could argue that the six figure price tag of an Icon automatically puts it into the “extravagant living” category, spending more...
  19. mep1811

    US Southwest Our trip to Deadhorse Alaska

    My wife and I completed a 13,000 three month trip to Alaska and Canada this past summer. My article on the trip on the Dalton Highway to Deadhorse was just published in TCT Magazine. My latest article was published ,ARCTIC ADVENTURES IN A VINTAGE LAND CRUISER, in TCT Magazine. Page 46. Enjoy...
  20. Owyhee

    Christmas Tree Expedition 2018

    Today we took the opportunity to get out and explore a little, the plan was to go up the Middle Fork of the Boise until we spotted the perfect Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. To do this in an expedient manner we went up a very dangerous road, (A road where a friend went off and lost his son)...