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  1. 20angier

    Tire Help

    Hello, I have a 2001 Nissan pathfinder se (r50), and am looking to get some tires. My SUV is currently stock, and my tire size is P255/65R1, but the xe model has 245/70R16 (the size i want to move up to). There are more sizes available in the xe model size, but the issue choosing tires from the...
  2. 20angier

    2001 Nissan Pathfinder SE

    Hello, I have 01' pathfinder se 2wd, and want to get it into offloading capability to join my local OB meet up. The SUV is stock and I live in SoCal, and want to do light to medium offroading. I am looking at the Toyo Open Country T/A and upgrading my radiator (due to overheating issues in the...
  3. Johohoward27

    Looking for some Advice :)

    Hey I’m Joseph, I’m looking for my first overland vehicle that could support my journey across the west coast, I will be hauling gear like surf boards, spearGuns, fishing poles, Water, Refrigerator, cooking equipment, SUP. I could be in the road for a year or more. I have a pretty flexible...
  4. P

    2010 4Runner 139k Miles :: Need Help Questions and Answers

    Hey Everyone, I just recently joined the community as I have found myself on here a ton lately looking at builds and just so many amazing rigs on here. I am in the process of looking for a vehicle to start on. What are some things to look for as far maintenance before upgrading the suspension...
  5. Nickzero

    Dana 44 Spider Gears - Damaged

    I was replacing the differential fluid today on my 2017 JKU Sport. The front Dana 30 seemed free of damage or debris once inspected. However once I got to the rear Dana 44 I popped the cover and immediately noticed the spider gears (top and bottom) missing large chunks of metal from their teeth...
  6. 60Hertz

    2001 Montero Heater

    Hello All, Im looking for some help/advice with the heater on my rig. My Rig: 2001 Mitsubishi Montero Limited My problem: I only get heat out of the drivers side vents. What I Know: This vehicle has 2 heater cores 1 under dash and 1 behind the rear tire for heat in the back. All of the lines...
  7. 76_overlander

    Time for a change...

    Hi folks, After a great long chat with (thanks for your generosity and time) i think it’s time to sell my Jeep Wrangler. This is still a struggle to me but i think i need to open my eyes and accept some facts here… My jeep is unique. I love it. And i hate it. I love the fact...
  8. stickel

    Prinsu load panel rattle

    Last fall I bought a Prinsu rack and a couple load panels. Pretty happy with them so far but the load panels rattle like crazy at highway speeds. I tried putting some weather stripping on the panel but it's too thick and won't fit in the grooves on the rack. So I found some thinner all purpose...
  9. K

    Reputable shop in South GA for wiring

    This is my first post! I am looking for a shop around Southeast GA (Savannah) or Central NC (Fayetteville) that is good a wiring up overland rigs. Looking to have a dual battery, lights, power outlets, etc in my Tacoma. Thanks for looking, any help is appreciated.
  10. FrankRoams

    Rescue Dogs in Need of Transport

    Hey OB Fam, I am working with a rescue and I thought my UT OB friends might be able to help. We need TWO Med sized dogs moved to a foster home here in SoCal, the pups are currenly in Salt Lake City, UT. A rescue worker in Socal is willing to meet Halfway (Prefered Las Vegas). Anyone in UT...
  11. Rogue Donkey

    Help: Atlanta to the Grand Canyon route and stops advice:

    Me and my family are going to take 7-10 days in November to drive from Georgia to the Grand Canyon and back. This will obviously be a tight timeline, so I will need a pretty direct route. What I am looking for is suggestions on routes, stops, recommended locations to park/camp for the night...
  12. SCtundra

    Tundra help

    Hey guys and gals im looking to take my camper shell off and and a rack system that i can put a roof top tent on like you see a lot on tacos but cant seem to find one for a tundra if anyone has any links or places to email or call that would be great thank you
  13. Kasey P. Condon

    Mod Help in San Diego!

    Hello All! Need help figuring out the right direction. Long story short: I have been putting off finishing up my rig for some time now. But I just found out that my job will be moving me overseas in 18 months. My fiance and I plan on taking my Jeep overseas but have now realized I better start...
  14. Weirdlander12

    2018 FJ Summit Camping

    I got taken off the waitlist for the FJ Summit on Monday, and as you can imagine things are really full as far as lodging goes. I was hoping to get a spot in the 4j+1+1 rv park or another park close enough to walk into town. I have a rooftop tent on a 4runner. I was wondering if anyone going has...
  15. Arturo Menchaca

    Need some light tips.

    Hey everybody! I’ve had my Jeep JKU for quite some time now, and recently purchased the Smittybilt XRC roof rack with roof top tent. The rack itself has four lights mounts on the front bar right above the windshield. And the rear has two mounts for a pair of lights. My question is, what lights...
  16. J

    NEED HELP - ESC & MIL lights came on after repositioned RTT ???

    I have a 2014 Jeep JKU. My RTT was positioned towards the back of the Jeep. I repositioned RTT to the front of the Jeep and loaded up for a road trip. As we pulled out of the house the ESC and MIL lights came on. Vehicle drove fine, and still does. Repositioned tent back to it's original...
  17. BostonBaker

    Overland Expo West 2018

    Hi everyone, Looking for some help..... I will be heading out to my FIRST OXP West show this year! Unfortunately I will not be able to take my rig or bike as I am coming from Asheville NC. I am looking to see if anyone has or knows someone who would be willing to loan/rent me an adventure...
  18. Hank Outdoors

    Overland - For Sale Items - Regional

    Is there any way to sort the "For Sale" threads by region? For example....Is there a way I can search for rigs for sale in the East region? Thanks in advance, Sean Hank Haney
  19. Riley Daily

    Survey, would appreciate input.

    Hi, OB, I,m currently working on a project with campfires and would appreciate as much input as possible. I have just a short 5 question survey if you would be willing to fill it out that would be so awesome. Can't wait to hear what you guys do for campfires on the trail. Here is the survey...
  20. J

    Just getting into overlanding, looking for rig suggestions?

    Hey my name is Jordan and I'm just getting into overlanding. I'm looking to buy a vehicle in the next couple of months and had a couple of questions. After doing a lot of research I think I've narrowed it down to either an 80 or 100 series land cruiser but I can't decide. The rig will also be my...