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  1. Charlie W2YBX

    Digital Ham: D-Star or Fusion (or other) when travelling.

    Hello! I'm looking to get a digital dual band 2m/70cm radio for my vehicle (D-Star or Fusion) and I'm wondering if anyone here would like to share their opinions/stories/rants! on which one, if any, they use or prefer. I mostly travel East of the Mississippi, and the radios I'm looking at are...
  2. Reid Adventures

    Which Mobile HAM for APRS

    Hello All. My wife and I are planning our first trip in January to Death Valley and Yosemite. We are going it alone so we will remain mild mannered and not TOO far off of beaten paths. I am a licensed HAM but haven't done anything with my license as of yet. I am looking to purchase and install...
  3. Brentc17

    Reoccurring - Ham Radio Weekly NET - 02/15/2019

    Weekly NET for licensed HAM radio operators. Must have current license to attend and listen View Rally Point Details
  4. Brentc17

    Ham Radio Weekly NET

    There will be a weekly NET for all Overland Bound members who have a valid Ham license. This will be on Echolink conference node 591550 (USA-GNG), DMR talk group 1137550 and Allstar 41130 every Friday Night at 5:30pm PSTView Rally Point
  5. Chadlyb

    Multiple comms. for a Toyota Tacoma. Where did you put yours and how?

    So I've got a 2011 Toyota Tacoma quad cab and have 2 communications systems that need a home. Where oh where did you put yours and how did you secure them in?
  6. Charlie W2YBX

    Ham, CB, GMRS: Handheld vs. Mobile transceivers. Get one, get the other, or get them all?

    Hello! I bought a new vehicle recently for my overlanding shenanigans and am in the process of deciding what I should have as far as group comms go. My travels will take me from the center of the busiest cities, to the middle of nowhere (hopefully =) ). As of now, I have/am getting the...
  7. Charlie W2YBX

    Anyone using APRS?

    Hello! I'm curious if any Ham operators here use APRS during their travels (for tracking/locating/emergency recovery/other reasons). I'm researching new mobile radios for my new ride and would appreciate any feedback! Thanks =)
  8. Boort

    Any Colorado Front Range HAM Operators Spare Some Time for a Cub Scout Pack?

    Hello all, A friend of mine at work has a pack of Cub Scouts who were looking to do a Jamboree over the Air along with their Jamboree-on-the-Internet coming up this fall. Unfortunately none of the parents know any HAM Operators. My buddy mentioned it to me and I offered to post here to see if...
  9. Old Griz

    Why ham radio vs cb radio??

    What are the advantages of having a ham radio and a cb radio or instead of cb?? I already have a cb in my suburban. It's a Uniden 787 with a .....hhmmm...I forget if it's a k30 or k40 antenna . It worked well back home in Michigan, but here in the mountains of north Idaho. ....not so much.
  10. Kent R

    Why you need to buy a quality Handheld (Portable) radio.

    There seems to be a constant dialogue on the forum about radio communications and what type of radio to purchase and what platform to get such as CB, FRS, GMRS & Ham. I am a huge proponent of Ham (and secondly GMRS), but that being said, more important to me is the quality of the radio you use...
  11. A

    New Midland MXT275 (GMRS Mobile)

    https://midlandusa.com/product/mxt275-micromobile-two-way-radio/?goal=0_534087e663-af68a105eb-114076357&mc_cid=af68a105eb&mc_eid=572f752e94 What a cool form factor, I've been considering adding a dedicated GMRS radio to my truck but hate to dedicate the dash space for mounting the transceiver...
  12. FrankR

    SOLD Diamond K400, $45 (NorCal)

    Selling my Diamond K400, used once. My needs changed and I am going a different direction with my antenna. $45 + Ship (or pick up if local) PM for more photos please!
  13. cbechtold

    Ham Radios - What's a solid set up?

    So I've been using the BaoFang handhelds for a while, and they work great! Recently I've taken interest to getting more of a permanent set up in the rig. I'm curious to what everyone is running and their experiences. Any advice is great. Thanks!
  14. overlandozzy

    Radio Suggestions

    Hey guys, I'm happy to join the Overland Bound community! AS a new member I figured I would start off with an intro. I already made a post on the New Members post but here it is for y'all who haven't seen it. Im in Western NC (Sylva area), I'm 22, no longer in college, married, and I have a...
  15. Mad Garden Gnome

    Summits On The Air

    Some one asked me what SOTA is, so I did a brief description. I thought I would expand it a bit here, as it could tie into Overlanding, IMO. Summits On The Air Website Governmental Geological Surveys have qualifying parameters of what a summit is. As summiting is an activity, so is operating...
  16. A

    OB Approved Baofeng radio configuration and methods

    Hi guys, I know a lot of you may have (or be interested in picking up) a Baofeng handheld radio such as the UV-5R for cheap effective/quality FM voice communications, but may not totally understand what they're capable of, the radio services they can support, or how to properly configure them...
  17. Teague

    OB Frequencies List

    I've seen this on other sites, where we make a master list of the most common frequencies. Since we're so spread out maybe organize it by region? HAM National Simplex Calling 1.25M: 223.50 2M: 146.52 70cm: 446.00 33cm: 906.50 23cm: 1294.500 Misc NOAA: 162.550, 162.400, 162.475, 162.425...
  18. Laughing Otter

    Communications Gear & Thieves

    Hello all... So, in my Rover I use several forms of communications Gear...My most basic is my CB radio. When I first outfitted the Rover I was running a Galaxy 99v 10 meter radio...it lasted 3 months before a thief smashed my drivers side window and took it... Next up, was a tweaked, tuned...