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  1. North40overland

    Organized vs. OCD. Where is the line?

    My wife is always giving me a hard time that I am too OCD when it comes to packing the rig. I say "do you hear anything rattling....exactly." How far do you go when organizing your rig? I know boxes add weight but I also don't want junk flopping around when we are on the trail.
  2. North40overland

    First Aid First

    I have been searching for the perfect first aid kit for my rig. There are a lot of things to consider when picking a kit. 1. I wanted it to be waterproof 2. I wanted it to be enough for my family of 3. I didn't want it to be huge 4. I didn't want it to cost a fortune 5. I wanted to know how to...
  3. dboden01

    US East RIGS & COFFEE (Southeastern PA)

    Welcome. Whether you are looking for a day of Wheelin’, a Wilderness Weekend Escape, or Wishing for that Wayward Adventure, this meetup is for you. This will be the first, of a hopefully monthly, meetup for those interested in discussing all things overlanding. A Rally Point, where you can...
  4. J

    Tepui Ruggedized Kukenam 3 RTT - Las Vegas

    SOLD! Asking $1850.00 Local pickup only. Includes an extra color-matched canopy, brand-new in box! It's like two tents for the price of one! Tent shipped from manufacturer with a small snag in entry panel zipper, still works though and never needed to replace it. Cover screen-printed logos...
  5. sterling may

    Gear that I can't go without.

    Last weekend camping in the wet cold in east Texas was a good reminder of the gear that I had and the gear that I wish I had. First off having my Mr. Heater was a game changer. I wouldn't have been able to sit in my camp chair and enjoy being outside without this. Also it didn't rip through my...
  6. SaltyYogurtSnek

    Communications Questions....

    Hey All, I am relatively new to communication equipment. I used to have CB in my last vehicle but never really used it much because most of my buddies use handheld radios for trail comms. I am looking at adding permanent comms to my new rig and was curious if there was something that would be...
  7. fledwell

    Bored at home? Save up to 50% OFF on an OutdoorX4 Subscription!

    For a limited time we are offering 50% OFF all new digital subscriptions to OutdoorX4 Magazine and our Special Edition for Jeep enthusiasts. Additionally, if you prefer the tangible, archival quality of print you can now get 20% OFF all new print subscriptions as well! Use coupon code ox4digital...
  8. M

    Help on my 2009 Silverado 5.3L build (and others' 2007-2013 silverado/sierra builds)

    Hello all! I recently bought a new (to me) 2009 Silverado 5.3L. I'm looking to make it an overland build. I previously had an old 4runner that I loved, but sold it to a friend who was in need of an adventuring rig and bought this thing to to also help with other parts of my life. I know that i...
  9. Ohio Valley Overland

    US Midwest Midwest Winter Meetup

    This is a chance to meet other overlanders and do a little sliding down a hill on your choice of skis, snowboards or tubes
  10. Johohoward27

    Getting ready for my first Adventure!!

    Hey I’m Joseph, I’m looking for vehicle that could support my journey across the west coast, I will be hauling gear like surf boards, spearGuns, fishing poles, Water, Refrigerator, cooking equipment, SUP. I could be in the road for a year or more. I have a pretty flexible budget but not...
  11. Nickzero

    MPAC Spring Tail - JK Tailgate Table

    For the JK Jeepers! I found MPAC online a few months ago while searching for a tailgate table. The cost was right for the quality they seemed to offer. I noticed the table was versatile with the addition of molle holes and rugged with a nice powder coat finish. I decided to give the company a...
  12. Cabin_fever

    Kitchen in a Bucket Idea.

    No money for those fancy drawer setups, and it's way too cold outside to build anything. I can afford a 5 gallon bucket and a cheap tool belt from Walmart though. "System" stores everything but the dry goods stuff (which will be in another 5 gallon), and it takes up much less room in the truck...
  13. BIG4570

    What piece of gear made the biggest improvement to your experience?

    Not counting vehicle purchases for obvious reasons. What single piece of kit made the biggest difference or improvement to your overlanding experience?
  14. Nickzero

    Any experience with 'Dead Man Off-Road' Earth Anchor?

    If you re living in a place where sand and dirt primary occupies more terrain than hills and rocky mountains then you should look into this piece of recovery gear. This works in all terrain environments however trapped on a beach or in the dunes alone could cost you more than a cold night. Sup...
  15. Boort

    Shackles - Drings or Soft? What is good and What is dangerous?

    Hi all, Started looking for some D-rings or Shackles this week and not sure what to look for. None of the shops around here have much of anything in stock to actually look at and with the county wide power outage yesterday not much open to browse on my day off anyways. What are the Pros/Cons...
  16. Arepas

    Advise a Noob: What gear should I have for a winter storm

    I am traveling through the Sierras this week and weather forecast is expecting up to 8 inches of snow, Should I be worried? what gear besides chains and basic tools should I have? Car: Stock jeep rubicon (JKU), Stock tires (BFGoodrich's mud-terrain T/A KM).
  17. F

    Overlanding Gear Report: Smaller is Better

    Forge Overland submitted an Article on the main site! Overlanding Gear Report: Smaller is Better [vc_row][vc_column][vc_custom_heading text="All The Small Things..."... Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  18. Obi-Juan

    FOR SALE Overland Base Camp Gear Deals - AVAILABLE ON EBAY NOW

    Hi fellow OLB'ers! I'm constantly buying and selling just about anything and everything on Ebay. And just like many of you, I can appreciate saving some money on decent quality gear. I'm going to try and keep this post/thread up to date as frequently I can so check back from time to time...
  19. ovrlndr

    RTT Annexes... How often do you use them? How do you set them up INSIDE?

    So, I have a Tepui Ruggedized Autana 3. It came with a nice big annex, but I've never used it... usually camp in one spot, pack up in the morning, explore all day, then find a new camp spot and deploy the tent and sleep. I want to hear how often you use your annex. Do you only use them when...
  20. Crazjtk

    Product Review: Clark Jungle Hammocks Mark2

    As I've outfitted my overland rig, I've adopted a backpacker-like mantra of maximizing versatility and minimizing size and weight. This is something of a necessity; my BJ42 is not very large, and not powerful either. On the other hand, this has pushed me to find some really clever and unique...