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  1. Ohio Valley Overland

    US Midwest Cinco de Mayo Beers & Gears

    This is our first Beers & Gears of the year. Come enjoy some great beers and fantastic tacos, swap stories, meet like minded people. View Rally Point
  2. P

    Live chickens

    Has anyone ever built a small coop for live chickens (maybe two) on an extended overland trip? I have a tacoma with a 5ft bed. I wouldn’t mind some fresh eggs each morning during a long trip. I know this is a bit of a silly idea but it might be worth discussing. If it wouldn’t work on a small...
  3. PeteCole

    Bears & Fridges

    I'm new to overlanding...and building out my rig. But I'm wondering how having a Dometic (or other) fridge is going to do with the potential for bears. Any one have any advice? Stories? I want to get a fridge, but not sure if I should just plan on keeping in the rear seat of my Dual Cab...
  4. Buzzard13

    Cancelled Casual Cruise In @ Penny's Pit

    Swing by get some food and talk with other members of the off road & overlanding community.
  5. ZetRocks

    US Southwest Taco Tuesday Truck Talk

    Over-lander Meet & Greet in NE Houston at Hectors Mexican Restaurant on 3rd Taco Tuesday of each month (NOT Truck Specific).
  6. Buzzard13

    US Northwest Post Falls Rigs and Food

    Overlanders, Off Roaders and Gamblers Meeting up to Discuss life and their cars; Creating Friendships as well. Location is Paul Bunyan in Post Falls.View Rally Point
  7. mrseth

    Best Freeze Dried Foods?

    Hey folks! I'll be camping/wheeling with a group down in Moab, UT for a week and I'm looking into some freeze dried foods to cook for breakfasts and dinners. I plan on making cold cuts for lunches, but breakfasts and dinners I'd like to experiment with. What are your top 10 freeze dried...
  8. A-Aron

    US Rocky Mountain Monthly Meetup - Rigs. Food, Drinks, and Conversation! - Re-occurring

    Come and check out some rigs, talk Overlanding, exploration, and trail riding. I'll be there from 6-8pm and hope to see you there! Come hang out with other members, talk gear, rigs and routes. We'd like to start doing some trail runs, camp outs.. etc together and would love your input and...
  9. A-Aron

    US Rocky Mountain Camping and Exploring Capitol Reef NP - Utah - Look for OB Flag off Notam-Bulldog road

    Camping Memorial Day weekend - BLM land off Notam-Bullfrog Road on the East side of Capitol Reef NP - Check GPS Coords We'll be traveling the Cathedral Valley Loop on Saturday May 25 - more information available here: Cathedral Valley - Capitol Reef National Park (U.S. National Park Service)...
  10. A-Aron

    US Rocky Mountain Monthly Meetup - Meet and greet - Rigs. Food, Drinks, and Conversation!

    Beginning our monthly meetups for the Southern Utah area for OB forum participants and Members. Come and check out some rigs, talk Overlanding, exploration, and trail riding. I'll be there from 6-8pm and hope to see you there, come meet your Member Rep and other members, talk gear, rigs and...
  11. Sandpoint Steve

    US Northwest Inland Northwest Winter Meet and Greet - 02/10/2019

    It's cold outside, the trails are covered with snow and we can only get so much done on our monthly conferance call. So, it's time to get together and meet face to face. Come join us for an Overland Bound meet and greet at Twigs Bistro and Martini Bar 401 E Farwell Rd, Spokane, WA 99218 at 6:30...
  12. ovrlndr

    Anyone using carbon steel for cooking at camp?

    I know cast iron is popular for cooking at camp, but I’m interested to see if anyone is using carbon steel pans instead of cast iron? For those unfamiliar with carbon steel, it’s similar in concept to cast iron in that it must be seasoned and eventually develops a slick non-stick coating, it...
  13. NW Adventure & Overland

    What kind of camp desserts/treats do you make while camping?

    Many of us have kids that come along on our trips and we like to make something special for them to enjoy around the camp fire. We stumbled across a neat simple treat, that we like to call Smore-Eo's. It's simple take your favorite Smore and add a marshmallow to the center and BOOM a new quick...

    9 Days, 1 Cooler, No Resupply

    Last month I took a 9-day trip into southern Utah (Cedar Mesa, Comb Ridge) to explore a few of the many ancient cliff dwellings and petroglyph/pictograph sites in the area. We split the time between two base camp sites. Given the distances and time required to resupply food, water, fuel and...
  15. ASRussell


    How does everybody store their spices and what / how much do you usually bring
  16. B

    Overland Challenges and Gear to Meet Them, Organized

    So let's see how I can put this to words. Every human has mutual needs. Every overlander is met with mutual challenges. Water gathering, water filtering, food storage, shelter. Then there are things more specific to overlanding like recovery gear, etc. As I am planning my outfitting I can't...
  17. WhiskeyIsMySpiritAnimal

    BEARS. Yes, Bears.

    Hello, living in Missouri and Kansas all my life this is nothing I have ever had to think about. I am well versed in the never ending battle against raccoon getting into the camp food, but I think nature just turned things up a notch. My wife and I moved to AZ this past Aug and we are getting...