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  1. A-Aron

    US Rocky Mountain Amazing training opportunity, great people, lots of fun and camping!

    Expedition Utah is hosting the annual Overland Skills Camp. There will be some extensive off-road driving training, spotting, instruction on driving in different terrains, coverage of several different recovery techniques along with training on different recovery tools. View Rally Point
  2. RichieFromBoston


    I really hope Mike mirrors this video on his channel, I already raised 2000.00 in 4days for them but they are now homeless, jobless. and living in death valley out of thier f jcruiser.
  3. Boort

    What would you do?

    This popped up in my youtube play list today. Action starts at : Not sure if Casey is a member here. If so please chime in with more details. How would you handle being in this situation? Boort
  4. ovrlndr

    Campfire Alternatives?

    Folks, given the last few years in the western half of the US and Canada, with forest fires everywhere and fire bans etc., it got me thinking about campfire alternatives (or non-traditional campfires). As I write this, a forest fire is burning about 2.5 miles from a friend's house and was...
  5. Mike Dubya

    Latour Peak overnighter - 08/24/2018

    Get out of the smoke! We won't be beat by this destination! Last time, logging equipment was blocking our route, but we are going to try it again! We are leaving from the Mobil 1 gas station near the Interstate 90 and Sherman Avenue exit at 7:00pm on Friday, august 24th. We will drive east on...
  6. LuxuryOverland

    She Spontaneously Combusted!

    SO! After MANY MANY trips all over Southern California, my beloved Range Rover p38 died. Oh so gloriously.... She Spontaneously Combusted!! Yea--it literally happened. Apparently, my battery shorted out internally SOMEHOW (or so I am told..) and got so hot during our beautiful 116* weather...
  7. NW Adventure & Overland

    This could be a great campfire topic of conversation.

    This could be a great round the fire topic of conversation. How many people have a story about a mistake you made while prepping, on you way to, or on an Overland trip, that at the time you didn’t think was funny, but can now look back and smile. I recently had one of these times. I went out on...
  8. J Tosh Reed

    Thread submission for campfire safety

    Hey all, sorry I had posted this straight to the boot camp thread, but didn't see this thread so I removed and posted it here, sorry about the mixup. I just noticed there wasn't a thread for this already so wanted to add it as I think its very necessary. This last spring, I put out over a dozen...
  9. Riley Daily

    Survey, would appreciate input.

    Hi, OB, I,m currently working on a project with campfires and would appreciate as much input as possible. I have just a short 5 question survey if you would be willing to fill it out that would be so awesome. Can't wait to hear what you guys do for campfires on the trail. Here is the survey...
  10. SCrunner

    Trails and camping with fire for noobs?

    Hello all! My name is Matt I am very new to 4-wheeling, I have a 2016 4runner Trail edition and want to use this thing right. I was curious if anyone had a list of beginner trails in California or could refer me to one, or just some spots! Vehicle has no lift :( , BFGoodrich K02 tires, and...
  11. jginca

    Camp fire restrictions eased in Los Padres to Level II

    As of today, in a nut sheel NFS has reduced restructions to allow camp fires in established camp gournds. Still not camp fires in the back country, but you can have stoves. FYI.. It may be wet and green in one area of LPNF, but...
  12. SLO Rob

    Fire...not the good kind

    The fire in the Big Sur area recently grew to over 100 square miles and its known it was started by an illegal campfire. I know this forum is the choir, and I'm preaching to it, but keep up the good fight, everyone out there, educating and sharing what you know about the outdoors, safety and...