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  1. DMur

    Overland Expo East Itinerary from NH

    Hey Everyone! I am planning to go to OVERLAND EXPO EAST this year! I want you all to join me if you can! This thread is about sharing my plan and if it aligns with any of yours (at any point) join us!! Here is my itinerary: Wednesday Leave Manchester at 10 am. I would be interested in...
  2. Hourless Life

    Post your OVERLAND EXPO EAST 2018 photos here

    Figured we'd start a thread for those of us who are at Overland Expo East 2018 to share photos in one place. Hope to see some great photos. There is no way we'll be able to see everything here over the next few days. Eric AKA Jeepsies This was the Overland Bound crew that met at the Rally...
  3. bval

    SOLD 1 Overland Expo East Weekend Pass with Camping and Vehicle Pass - $190

    I am going to be unable to attend, so I'd like to help an OB member out. Selling 1 weekend pass with camping plus vehicle pass to Overland Expo East. Asking $190 face value. Not looking to make a buck, just don't want to the ticket to go unused. First come, first served via DM.
  4. Hourless Life

    Expo East 2018 Drop a Photo of your Rig so we can connect!

    Hey all, just thought this would be fun. If you are going to Expo East 2018 in Asheville post a photo of your rig so that we can all connect while we're there! Here's ours. Our Jeep says GUARDIAN on the front, we'll have an iKamper Skycamp and Batwing awning. Also we'll have a toddler with...
  5. Schake

    Expo East Next Month

    Newbie to OB and Overlanding in general. Planning to attend first my first Overland Expo next month to explore equipment options for my stock Rubi Recon, learn as much as I can, and meet as many like-minded folks as possible. Since it's too late to register for camping onsite, any suggestions...
  6. Hourless Life

    First-Timer at Overland Expo East 2018

    Not sure who else to share our excitement with. This is our first Overland Expo that we'll be attending. Overland Expo East 2018 is coming up quick. I wrote an article about the Top 10 Things I'm most excited about. If anyone is interested in reading that, you can check that out here...
  7. Hourless Life

    Vendors and Products You're Excited About at Overland Expo East 2018

    Would love to hear what others are pumped about when it comes to vendors and products that will be at Expo East this year. So far I'm looking forward to Overland Bound (of course) Patriot Campers - Amazing trailers my wife is obsessed with. Goose Gear - Cool guys I've spoken with on social...
  8. Wawa Skittletits

    2018 Expo East Caravan Meeting Point - 11/08/2018

    The purpose of this rally point is to create a single meeting place so that we can roll into Expo together. This makes camping together simple. View Rally Point Details
  9. Hourless Life

    Overland Expo East 2018 Discussion Thread (Not region specific)

    Hey all, I saw there was an "Official" general (non-region specific) thread for last year, but I haven't seen one for 2018. If there is one please just point me to it, if not we can use this one. So here it is. Let's talk Overland Expo East 2018! Who is going? Where are you leaving from to...
  10. Ian McAdorey

    Expo East 2018

    Was looking to see who is heading or planning to be going to NC for Expo East in the East Region. Wanted to Gather some interest in meeting up at a campsite in MD or VA prior to continuing onto NC. Personally I am on the fence about it with regards to PTO for work and such but I feel like I...
  11. thedaddybadger

    #OverlandSocial - Expo Edition - 09/30/2017

    Okay folks ... it's official! The Peach State Overland crew will be hosting a special, overland expo edition of #OverlandSocial. Join us at our camp site on Saturday night between 7-10pm for this laid-back hangout. It's family/kid-friendly. We'll have some goodies available, and maybe even a...