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  1. KIngSparta

    Expedition 4X4 Overland Motorhome Chassis / Platform - Ready for your Conversion

    Fully intact ex-Navy, U.S. Military ARFF / Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Truck I bought this to convert into an expedition overland motorhome trek adventure vehicle but no longer have the ability to do this conversion. It turns heads everywhere it goes and it will go just about anywhere...
  2. emtbfrey

    SOLD For Sale - OREGON - 2018 Toyota Tacoma DCLB TRD OR - 75k - $40,000

    Looking to let go of my Tacoma to make the jump to a Tundra. I've really enjoyed the capability and reliability of the Tacoma, just looking for a little more space for the long road trips and all the hobbies that come along. It's been a work in progress over the last three years building to the...
  3. Traveling Together

    Recommended Overland Travel YouTube Channels

    I wanted to support my favorite youtube overland channels, but I'm a dirtbag overlander, so I can't support them financially. I decided to make a video and try to help them out in my own little way. I recommend you check out any of these guys if you aren't already watching: (warning: not all of...
  4. J

    Overlanding Gear Report: Smaller is Better

    Forge Overland submitted an Article on the main site! Overlanding Gear Report: Smaller is Better [vc_row][vc_column][vc_custom_heading text="All The Small Things..."... Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  5. seb

    Overland bound XXL

    Simply wanted to introduce BeepBeep. Already build but in need of some TLC and eventually some upgrades I’m sure Found in Milan, Italy and only picked it up last week. Fully kitted and ready expedition truck. Was fun driving it back to the Netherlands through the Alps. 6 litre, 6 cilinder...
  6. J

    FZJ80 + Maltec Will Give You All The Feels

    Forge Overland submitted an Article on the main site! FZJ80 + Maltec Will Give You All The Feels [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Love At First Drive by Will Marshal photos by Barry J. Holmes [FONT=georgia]Love is a... Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  7. Corrie

    Overland Expo West 2018 Day One - Favorite Vehicles

    Forge Overland submitted an Article on the main site! Overland Expo West 2018 Day One - Favorite Vehicles [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In the Name of Unapologetic Excess by Will Marshal photos by Barry J. Holmes... Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  8. Overland Vagabond

    ARB Twin Compressor under Bonnet, plus distribution box

    Hi there, Sharing how I installed an ARB Twin Cylinders Compressor under the bonnet of my Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2016, this with a custom build stainless steel bracket. Note that this is for a LH drive model... First find where to put it - next to the coolant reservoir seems the best place...
  9. Overland Vagabond

    Overland Vagabond - Cool Global Expedition Vehicle

    Hi there, This is to introduce a slightly different build of an expedition vehicle - European size, Ford Ranger 2016 base platform and Geocar CondorPlus cell. I’ve quit my job and cut short my career to become a full-time Overlander, and I've opted to document on various channels our...
  10. Overland USA

    Trans America-North Carolina to Oregon May 1st

    Trans America Trail spans the country Coast to Coast. We are leaving from North Carolina on 1 May arriving at Overland Expo 19 May. We will complete the trail after Overland Expo West by approximately 30 May. Participants may choose to do the complete trail, or sections, as your schedule and...
  11. Smileyshaun

    Snow much fun

    post up your favorite snow travel pics
  12. LawnDart

    Cooler vs Fridge: Which is right for you?

    LawnDart submitted an Article on the main site! Cooler vs Fridge: Which is right for you? Chilling Out! Fridge vs Cooler?! Overlanding has more in common with tailgating than most would think. Once the destination is reached, the task at hand turns to... Continue reading the Original...
  13. East Coast Expedition

    Newfoundland Expedition 2017

    Here is our journey to Newfoundland, Canada from June 23, 2017 to July 2, 2017.
  14. John Yoder

    Looking For A New Job State Side

    Hello Overlander's, My name is John Yoder and I am looking for a new job state side for when I come home from Afghanistan. I have spent the last five years over there on a Personal Security Detail/ Combat Medic for the Diplomats that work at the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. I will be...
  15. thedaddybadger

    Annual ALS Charity Ride hosted by Peach State Overland #PSO2CureALS - 07/29/2017

    We are joining together to honor those impacted by Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS) and to spread awareness of the urgency to find treatments and a cure. Please join us on July 29th and 30th at our public event that is being organized on Facebook in the "Peach State Overland Community #PSOFam"...
  16. Corrie

    Member/Rig Feature: 95 Toyota Landcruiser

    Hey all! Many of you know @fj80toyman in the forums, and he recently coordinated the epic Mojave Road trip with 40+ overland rigs (see image below)! We launched a profile on Dan! If you are curious what he has under the hood, go check it out! M Overland Rig Feature: 95 Toyota Landcruiser...
  17. Amabob0

    DIY AWNING for $90 (ARB style awning) 9' x 9'

    Hello all, a few weeks ago i was on the fence about buying an ARB awning for my rig to help clear some space on the roof rack & cutting some weight by leaving the old ez up at home. Also, it seems like these awnings have the potential to give better shade when compared to any canopy because you...
  18. Corrie

    Overland Without the Rule Book

    Corrie submitted an Article on the main site! Overland Without the Rule Book We are big fans and followers of Luke Gelmi (Overland Bound Member #3482) and his overlanding adventures throughout Africa on his Royal Enfield. We asked him what inspired him to take this trip,... Continue reading...
  19. cbechtold

    cbechtold's Expedition Tacoma Build

    Hey guys! I've been working on my '01 Tacoma for a few years now and figured that I should share the build here for others to see. The Tacoma has been on a few trips, and I'm still learning more and more about the Tacoma every day. If you want to read from the beginning when the truck was still...