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  1. Tommys

    Keeping a cooler "cool"

    Today's market for camping is high peaks! But when I find something that works, I generally stick with it. Hence, a cooler: Magellan 50
  2. Vagabond.Explorer

    Dometic 55IM - Compressor 24/7 w/ IM on?

    Hi all, Hope this is in the right forum. Mods, feel free to move if I put it in the wrong place. I have a Dometic CFX3 55IM which I've been using for a bit and it's been working great. However I just decided to turn on the ice maker to make some ice earlier today and the compressor hasn't...
  3. A

    Jackery 300 Dometic CFX3 55IM

    -Dometic CFX3 55IM (ice maker off) -Jackery 300 (rated 14.4v and 20.4Ah) (100% charged) -Inside controlled temp 75 air conditioning no sun exposure. -Prechilled to 37 degrees and left there for duration of test -Plugged into 12V DC on Jackery 300 -12 pack and couple water bottles Started on...
  4. PeteCole

    Bears & Fridges

    I'm new to overlanding...and building out my rig. But I'm wondering how having a Dometic (or other) fridge is going to do with the potential for bears. Any one have any advice? Stories? I want to get a fridge, but not sure if I should just plan on keeping in the rear seat of my Dual Cab...
  5. ThunderwingLC

    Looking to buy a Dometic CFX3 fridge/cooler

    Is anyone selling a Dometic CFX3 fridge in/near the Los Angeles, CA area? Also, does anyone know where or what stores sell them that I can go in and look at in person, in Los Angeles?
  6. A

    SOLD Dometic CFX 65 w/slide (Austin, TX)

    Selling my Dometic CFX 65 with Dometic Slide. Comes with AC and DC connectors. Some minor cosmetic scuffs from other gear. Bought in June 2019, so a little over a year old. $1000 Pictures can be found here: Dometic CFX-65 - sporting goods - by owner - sale
  7. theMightyGoose

    New Goal Zero Yeti 500x

    Just wanted to share some information on the new Goal Zero Yetis. I'm a new convert to fridges from rotomolded coolers. Got a new Dometic CFX3 55im, and thought that's all I needed in a 4Runner for extended road trips. Then I learned about OEM vs. deep cycle vs. dual battery setup vs...
  8. X

    US West Clearview Easy Slide Refrigerator slide and Dometic CFX50 refrigerator

    I am selling the following: Slide ES-150PLUS. Here are the dimensions for the fridge slide...
  9. F150Fanatic

    US Southeast Sold: Dometic CFX 65DZ: $600

    I've had this dual-zone fridge/freezer for about 3 years, used probably 6 weeks total on Overland trips. Runs like new, no problems at all. It's just too big for my new vehicle. Dual zone works well - freezer compartment can be separated and keeps things frozen, while fridge side stays nice and...
  10. M

    US West Tembo tusk Heavy duty fridge slide. $440 Los Angeles

    Brand new in the box Tembo tusk Heavy duty fridge slide. Outside dimensions: 18.75" wide x 28" deep (Foot print of slide) Inside pan size: 17" wide x 28" deep (Area where the fridge or cargo will fit.)
  11. bshinn

    US Southeast Dometic CF50 Fridge/Freezer ****SOLD****

    I have a new Dometic CF50 that was included in a recent trailer purchase. I decided to upgrade to the CF65 and no longer have a use for this one. Never used other than to power it up to confirm it functions properly. Street price on these is $900ish, asking $550. Located in the Charlotte, NC
  12. wordofbabb

    US Northwest FS - Washington State - Alu-Cab / James Baroud gear - $12k - Local pickup

    Drawers, canopy, cubby, fridge and fridge slide on Taco Drawers extended with fridge, cubby, fridge slide and canopy Fridge deployed on Taco Tent, awning and tunnel deployed on Taco Looking up the tunnel into the tent with the ladder Tent, tunnel, awning and ladder deployed Tent, canopy...
  13. B

    US West FS: (SOCAL) DFG Offroad Fridge Slide and Tilt for CFX 35/40 - $300

    Hey guys & gals, Up for sale is a brand new, never used, and never mounted DFG Offroad Fridge Slide & Tilt for a Dometic CFX 35/40. Long story short, I was suppose to have a drawer system built and have this mounted to it but that plan has loss your gain! Comes with all mounting...
  14. fledwell

    SOLD *SOLD* Dometic CFX 28 Fridge/Freezer

    Nearly new Dometic CFX 28 fridge for outdoors and overland vehicle-based adventure travel. I’ve only had the fridge for 4-5 months and it’s a wonderful product for a weekend adventure when you’d like to have fresh food and cold drinks when camping or tailgating. The CFX 28 can quickly reach...
  15. Chadlyb


    Tis the season for free stuff.... Don't miss out on this opportunity to sign up for a 75 Qt. Dometic refrigerator.
  16. F150Fanatic

    US Southwest Dometic CFX 65DZ Fridge: $600

    Bought this fridge new from Amazon a year ago. Have used about 6 times. Works and looks like new. I have not used it as a freezer, just a fridge. But I did "test" the freezer section for a few days at home and it worked as advertised - kept chicken and popsicles frozen, everything else nice and...
  17. dziner

    US East SOLD: SnoMaster TR42 fridge with Dometic Slide - $800

    Changing things up again. I'm selling my SnoMaster TR42 fridge along with the Dometic fridge slide that it fits on. Asking $800 for both. Fridge comes with AC and DC plug along with the remote/monitor that plugs into a DC outlet that displays the temperature and voltage of the battery. This...
  18. Sid

    Power distribution block in rear of Jeep JKU

    So I have an Apollointech pod (cheaper sPod alternative) but with all the accessories I am installing in the rear of my rig i.e. rear rack lights, dometic fridge, 12v sockets, etc. I would have to run tons of wiring to the back of my Jeep and I hate wiring! After searching youtube and not...
  19. DometicOffroad

    Dometic Is At All-4-Fun!

    We’re at All-4-Fun Jeep event with our Dometic Jeep all week long! If you see our Jeep you found us so come say hello! The Mile-Hi Jeep Club has hosted All-4-Fun for more than 50 years! Come to Empire, Colorado to check out all the action and maybe even walk away with a Dometic fridge of your...
  20. M

    Dometic CFX50 How much can it hold? Review

    I couldn't find any videos on You Tube giving me an idea of do I buy the 50 or the 40Q ? How much does it hold? So I did a video on just that. Hope it helps ?