death valley

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  1. mwilson920

    US West Las Vegas OB Members- Titus Canyon trip

    Great scenery, ghost town, petroglyphs and driving through a canyon. Sounds like a great Saturday drive, who wants to join me?View Rally Point
  2. mwilson920

    Cancelled Las Vegas OB Members- Titus Canyon trip

    Great scenery, ghost town, petroglyphs and driving through a canyon. Sounds like a great Saturday drive, who wants to join me?View Rally Point
  3. S

    US West Deserts and stars

    I'm headed out to work on the road and explore Oregon, Nevada, and California deserts. I'll be driving for long days, working some from the car and from the road where wifi allows, and seeking clear dark sky camping locations to set up telescopes in the evening.View Rally Point
  4. CTO1Mike

    US West Overland Expo Flagstaff 2020 moved again.

    Overland Expo West in Ft Tuthill, AZ 2020 has been moved to May September 2021. Leaving this up for reference.View Rally Point
  5. LoCo_Ex

    US West Death Valley Grand Traverse

    The Death Valley Grand Traverse is set to be a 4 day/3 night adventure, which starts in the south end of the park and snakes its way north, and then eventually west over to Alabama hills for the final night. The route includes hot springs, salt flats, abandoned mines, and ghost towns. All...
  6. RedBeard

    US West Bay Area Meet-up – Presidents Day Death Valley Trip

    Not sure why the Rally Point I created didn't start a thread on here, but here is the info for our Death Valley trip this weekend -
  7. Arepas

    Low altitude camping spots in Dead Valley

    Low altitude and protected from wind camping spots in Dead Valley. Friends, I'll be heading to Death Valley this weekend (first time) and I just realized that most of the spots I wanted to camp will be too cold at night. I have spend already my budget to getting prepared for this trip and don't...
  8. Reid Adventures

    Yosemite and Death Valley in Winter

    Hello everyone. I am new to the community and any assistance would be greatly appreciated. My mode of transportation will be my 2018 T4R TRD Off Road with basic 3" spacer lift and 285/70/17 KO2s. I haven't been "Off Roading" in many years so I am sure the vehicle is much more capable than what I...
  9. winston

    November 15-18, 2018 Death Valley Trip

    I know this is so last minute but thought I’d post last minute anyways. Hey all me and the lady are heading to Death Valley to hit up Lippincott steele pass teakettle junction ubehebe crater Titus canyon saline valley racetrack playa. I’d like to hit up Aiken mine road if time allows. We will...
  10. Jacob Silberfarb

    Death Valley, CA November 23 - 25, 2018 - 11/22/2018

    Hi all, Have a trip to Death Valley on the books and would love more people to come. Please plan to be self sufficient for 3 Days and Two Nights. This trip will be a large amount of driving (263 Miles without a gas station), Plan for this. Thursday myself and some rigs will be camping at the...
  11. OverLandCruiser

    Death Valley - 1st family Overland Trip planning (need advice)

    Hello OB Friends! I'm in the early stages of planning my first trip with the kids. We're thinking about a trip to DV for Veteran's Day weekend. I'd prefer not to stay at any campsites (doubtful any are available this late anyway) so I could use your help and suggestions on routes and camp...
  12. D

    Cerro Gordo Ghost Town & Saline Valley Hot Springs

    395 North to Keeler Keeler Up the Trail to Cerro Gordo Ghost Town (about 9,000 feet elevation, gets snow) *Make sure you call the care taker ahead to let him know your group is coming up. It is private property. Down the backside of Cerro Gordo...
  13. stevenboise

    Looking for information regarding backcountry travel and camping in Death Valley.

    I’ve read everything on the NPS sight and I’ve followed TAP for some years and have all their stuff. We plan on spending 5 – 7 nights in Death Valley and we want to spend as many of them off grid as possible. I understand that backcountry camping is allowed with a permit but the locations are...
  14. HudsonZRoamer

    Snow Peak Pack and Carry Fireplace Review

    Hey guys..I did a full review of the Snow Peak portable fireplace on my site. I tested this thing last week in my Overland trip to Death Valley. If any of you guys are interested in this product then go check it out here...