Low altitude camping spots in Dead Valley

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Low altitude and protected from wind camping spots in Dead Valley.

Friends, I'll be heading to Death Valley this weekend (first time) and I just realized that most of the spots I wanted to camp will be too cold at night. I have spend already my budget to getting prepared for this trip and don't want to get "0 degree" sleeping bags.

Do you have any spot that you would recommend?

Extra Info:
  • Rig: Jeep JKU Ribicon
  • Tent: Roof Top Tent
  • Group Size: 3 + 1 kid (7 y/o)

Bonus: Any trails that dont go next to cliffs or extreme off camber situations that you would recommend me looking into? So far I am planning to do Titus Canyon which I think it is pretty easy, unsure about stele pass or from Eureka dunes to Lower warm springs and then out of there (unsure which route)

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A lot of the lower elevation camping is in campgrounds. There is little dispersed camping lower. There is no dispersed camping at negitave elevations. The best thing is to get a map that show the no camping areas so you know for sure. You can find that info on the NPS map in Gaia.

Titus is great. Cheek out Rhyolite it’s a little past the turn off to Titus. Race Track is cool, the campground there is only 3800’.

The key to enjoying Death Valley is to be able to air down and back up again. The ride to Race Track is brutal if you can’t air down. I know from experience.

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