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  1. Donegal Overlanding

    Many of you helped us, so thank you.

    Hi everyone, Thanks to many of you in here who have subbed to our youtube channel, a couple of days ago we finally reached 1000 youtube subscribers. Its taken 2 years, but we are finally there. I was shocked how much work has been required to get to this point, but I will keep my fingers...
  2. Overland Vagabond

    ARB Twin Compressor under Bonnet, plus distribution box

    Hi there, Sharing how I installed an ARB Twin Cylinders Compressor under the bonnet of my Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2016, this with a custom build stainless steel bracket. Note that this is for a LH drive model... First find where to put it - next to the coolant reservoir seems the best place...
  3. C

    FOR SALE Coleville, Ca - Warn PowerPlant 12k - $1650 - pickup only

    I’ve got a new in box Warn PowerPlant 12k winch + compressor. Bought for project that has changed. Unopened and brand new. I’m in Coleville, Ca and can meet on the east side of the Sierras from Mammoth to Reno. $1850 new, selling for $1650. REDUCED TO $1450
  4. 805RADO

    Compressor Recommendation for under $100?

    There are so many portable compressors out there, and until I have real money to buy a proper one, Im looking for something under $100. Any suggestions? I will not be using it a lot but the few times I do, I want it to at least work.
  5. ClearwaterScott

    Compressor with air tools. Really?

    I have been debating on board air. A number of people have mentioned the ARB twin unit is capable of running power tools. I am curious if anyone has actual experience (this or a different unit) using for tools. IF the unit could be used for some around the house projects requiring an air...
  6. jginca

    ARB compressor

  7. 4xFar Adventures

    OB Approved CO2 vs. Air Compressors

    There area variety of reasons to upgrade to an OBA (On Board Air) setup in your rig. Maybe you've purchased bigger tires and the little $30 compressor from the auto parts store won't cut it any more. There's the option of running air tools, though that may also require an air tank. You're...
  8. Pippinized

    Under Pressure - onboard air compressors and set ups

    I'll be planning on getting an air compressor for my rig in the 4th quarter of 2016. Anyone have suggestions on what to look for, or experiences with the products or install? Rig- 2010 Xterra So it's time to start doing some research on set up design and specifics. After a minute or three of...