cb radio

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  1. dannyz

    Help with CB Radio setup

    Hello, Anybody in the Cameron Park, CA area have an SWR meter and a little spare time to assist me with my setup? I just installed a new radio & antenna and have no sound at all. Not even squelch. I have no idea why. I have installed many radios over the years with no problem. I appreciate any...
  2. brien

    OB Approved Overland Bound Comms Frequency Guide

    The Overland Bound community has settled on some common "calling" frequencies for the most common radio types. These are meant to be a starting point for making contact with a Overland Bound members. If your local region already has other generally accepted practices, you may want stick with...
  3. Charlie W2YBX

    Ham, CB, GMRS: Handheld vs. Mobile transceivers. Get one, get the other, or get them all?

    Hello! I bought a new vehicle recently for my overlanding shenanigans and am in the process of deciding what I should have as far as group comms go. My travels will take me from the center of the busiest cities, to the middle of nowhere (hopefully =) ). As of now, I have/am getting the...
  4. ASRussell

    Mounting locations for external CB speaker on a jeep

    For jeep Wrangler owners (I have a 2011 JKU Rubicon) space is at a premium. I'm looking for suggestions / pictures of where people have mounted external CB speakers in their rigs. So where would the best places be??? Thanks in advance for any advice / pics that ya'll share.
  5. Old Griz

    Why ham radio vs cb radio??

    What are the advantages of having a ham radio and a cb radio or instead of cb?? I already have a cb in my suburban. It's a Uniden 787 with a .....hhmmm...I forget if it's a k30 or k40 antenna . It worked well back home in Michigan, but here in the mountains of north Idaho. ....not so much.
  6. Niko Caignie

    Kicking in an open door: what com's to use.

    Building your rig is a combination of choices, preferences, budget, ... but whatever works for you is fine. Now when it comes to linking your rig to the outside world, we get a whole different ball game: I started with a HAM course, because that's what you need in order to operate a HAM radio...
  7. Kent R

    Why you need to buy a quality Handheld (Portable) radio.

    There seems to be a constant dialogue on the forum about radio communications and what type of radio to purchase and what platform to get such as CB, FRS, GMRS & Ham. I am a huge proponent of Ham (and secondly GMRS), but that being said, more important to me is the quality of the radio you use...
  8. D

    Trail Communication

    Hello, When your on the trail how do you communicate with each other? Do you use radios (I.e. CB, HAM, Other) or hand signals, vehicle signals, or another form? Do different groups have different methods?
  9. FrankR

    SOLD Diamond K400, $45 (NorCal)

    Selling my Diamond K400, used once. My needs changed and I am going a different direction with my antenna. $45 + Ship (or pick up if local) PM for more photos please!
  10. Neil Q Smith

    DIY Magnetic Plate for CB Radio Antennae

    We recently installed a President Grant II CB Radio into one of our ICE2017 Expedition Vehicles. To complete this installation, we needed somewhere on the roof to place the magnetic antennae. However, having a full sized Front Runner Roof Rack already on the roof, posed a challenge. So, we...
  11. overlandozzy

    Radio Suggestions

    Hey guys, I'm happy to join the Overland Bound community! AS a new member I figured I would start off with an intro. I already made a post on the New Members post but here it is for y'all who haven't seen it. Im in Western NC (Sylva area), I'm 22, no longer in college, married, and I have a...
  12. SwimWill

    Subaru Forester 2016

    Been working on a Subaru Forester 2016 for a year now. This is what I got now. More pics to come. Exterior 30" led light bar combo 150w 13k lumens 2x 8" led light bar 18 w 1350 lumens each From Superbrightled.com Rally bar From Rallyinnovations.com Rhino luggage rack Mounted CB...
  13. TRL EATR

    Ham Radio License Experience

    Ok, after joining the OB community at Off the Grid 2016 I realized I needed more than just a CB radio. There were multiple methods of comms going on that day and at least having a handheld ham radio, I could at least listen to the other half of the groups comms. I was able to relay some...
  14. Teague

    OB Frequencies List

    I've seen this on other sites, where we make a master list of the most common frequencies. Since we're so spread out maybe organize it by region? HAM National Simplex Calling 1.25M: 223.50 2M: 146.52 70cm: 446.00 33cm: 906.50 23cm: 1294.500 Misc NOAA: 162.550, 162.400, 162.475, 162.425...