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  1. dfpgreg714

    For Sale-Solar Camper Shell 3rd Gen Tacoma 2016-2021-Costa Mesa, CA $2250

    Photo Gallery Getting my 4WheelCamper soon so it's time to sell my current set up. $2,250, Costa Mesa, CA. Local Pick up. 6ft Camper shell (with Solar system) for 3rd Gen Tacoma (2016-2021) Purchased new in 2018. Added solar system (Details Below)to power my Fridge (Not for Sale) and camera...
  2. GrizzCamp

    Nissan Frontier Camper Build

    To start off, I have been working on the build quietly for about two years. I was using instagram (@grizzcamp) to document my build but I need a more text book approach (I will be editing posts as needed. Will start with roughing out my timeline, then filling in the details). Hopefully this will...
  3. Wildebeest

    FOR SALE - Sacramento / Northern California - Alucab Canopy (camper shell) for 2nd-3rd gen Toyota Tacoma Short Bed

    Hey guys, I'm selling my Alu-cab Canopy for SB 2nd and 3rd gen Tacoma. I ordered the canopy about 8 months ago and its been installed on the truck for 6-7 months. Comes with a set of the Alu-cab load bars, which should be compatible with any roof top tent mounting system and a driver side...
  4. Sachou

    K.A.M.P. Drawers - Kitchen And Mattress Platform for Tacoma

    I love sleeping in the great outdoors, but I actually don't enjoy camping. I primarily hate the hassle of constantly packing and unpacking, setting up camp, taking down camp, and all the inefficiencies associated with it. Even more so, I dislike the bulk, weight, complexity, and price of RVs...
  5. F

    Truck bed storage ideas

    So once I get my topper, I'm planning on putting a mattress in the back for camping like in the pictures. Thing is I need storage on the sides instead of a drawer system under the bed because I want to sit up. I know I can build it from wood, but I was thinking of pre-built things I could leave...
  6. Gregory Youngblood

    RFC/R : Choosing pickup camper shell for F150 short bed (5.5')

    Greetings. Well, I've changed vehicles, the Explorer is off to find a new home. I now have a new blank slate, a 2018 F150 Supercrew with the 5.5' bed. I'm looking for comments/recommendations on shells from those that have already gone through this. I've looked at rack setups for the back...
  7. Cdaug

    Camper Shell/Overland Bars/Bed Rack?

    I drive a 2nd Gen Toyota Tacoma (2013, Prerunner, 6ft bed) and the primary reason I do any extended camping/traveling with it is because I have an ARE camper shell. Before the camper shell, I had to get everything up in the cab before going out on a hike or leaving the campsite to have...
  8. Boort

    Anyone ever seen a Leentu in the wild?

    This startup popped up in my Youtube overlanding acct today. Looks like an ultra light AT camper. Anyone ever seen one? Boort
  9. DocTaco

    Camper shell or no camper shell?

    Thinking of the pros and cons of a camper shell... PROs: 1) ready to go shelter for sleeping, rain 2) easily store and secure gear from theft CONs: 1) limited to size of objects that can be placed on the pick up bed 2) roof top tent sits above roof line a produces significant drag when driving...
  10. KyleGrant

    2015 Sierra Swiss Army Knife - Fire/Rescue/EMS POV, Storm Chasing, Overlanding

    Hey all! Noobie to OB here, excited to get moving. I'll post continued updates to my thread as my build progresses. I like to call my truck my Swiss Army Knife. I'm fortunate to not drive this as a daily due to my job, though away from work this is my DD, it also serves as a registered emergency...