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  1. Justin Lee

    Solar Panel for charging?

    So, a friend was telling me today that his car has a feature (stock), that limits the amount of voltage his car can produce. Apparently, the manufacturer did this to take some pressure off the engine and increase gas mileage? WTH. When he is sitting still and in park, his cell phone charging is...
  2. Tim

    OB Approved Starter guide: Installing electrical accessories

    In the Rig Q&A section of this forum I asked the question "Who does their own electrics?". My point at the time was that perhaps it's seen as an easy thing to do, adding electric accessories to your chosen overlanding vehicle and those that might shy away from mechanics are happy to give it a...
  3. wrmmt

    Dual Battery and Solar Panel System Questions

    I'm starting to plan out the power system for my rig and am having a bit of hard time wrapping my head around everything. I am planning on starting with a dual battery system and then adding a solar panel later when I am more ready to add a fridge to the mix. At this point I am leaning towards...
  4. Laughing Otter

    Experience with Yellow Tops?

    Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with Optima Yellow top batteries. I just installed one. For years I've use Red Tops, but with the addition of exterior lighting, CB, Scanner, Ham Radio, 2 GPS units, and in the near future...a winch...I needed a "deep cycle" battery. The Red top...