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  1. AaronOffroader

    New Member -Aaron Offroader - 2018 Prado 150 Kakadu 35s - Greetings Guys

    Hi There Guys This is my first post. trying to get the hang around the Overlandbound Platform and Community Via Australia I hope to add a lot of value here via write ups and blogs in the future I have 2x Insta accounts @AaronOffroader and @offthegridmedia 1x Youtube Account @AaronOffroader if...
  2. Aussie571

    Overland Bound - New South Wales Rally 2020

    The first Rally for Overland Bound - New South Wales 2020 is being planned for October 16th to 19th 2020 at Chichester State Forest/Barrington Tops NP ...put this on your Calendar Everyone!
  3. Ulysses

    Cancelled The 2021 Aussie Iconic Tracks Expedition (Pt.3)

    Planning has now started for the 2021 Aussie Iconic Tracks Expedition (Pt.3) - This massive trip will take us on some of the world's most challenging and remote 4WD tracks including: - Bourke to Birdsville via Cameron Corner, the iconic Outback landmark where Queensland, South Australia and New...
  4. C

    Hannibal Roof Top Tents in North America

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with Hannibal tents in North America, particularly in wet/cold regions. I am in Canada so I deal with a lot of rain and snow. I have heard good things about the quality associated with Hannibal tents. However, since they were originally...
  5. Luis Merlo

    Rally Queensland 2018 - 09/29/2018

    Our yearly get together in Queensland since 2016, this year we are off to Emu Creek campground at Benarkin State Forest. Map.... Bookings....
  6. rlhydn

    4500 mile Australian Expedition

    Hi OB folk! Thought I would share my 13 part Trip Report from last year's Australian misadventure. 4500 miles of solo travel, almost nothing went to plan. Everything from vehicle issues to illness. Combined with our travel permits into remote and limited access lands meant we had to re-route...
  7. Marty clock

    February 2018 DFW Meet and Greet - 02/17/2018

    Come eat some good food swap stories and get ideas and inspiration from other Overlanders. View Rally Point Details
  8. Michael

    New South Wales Overland Bound Meet, Greet, and Catch up! - 12/21/2017

    Hey all, Looks like we are wrapping up a new year! Join the NSW OLB Ambassador Josh Watts for fun, general rig talk, and debauchery (safe and responsible of course). ;P All are welcome! The meetup will be held at "The Ranch" Hotel and Pub! Hope you can make it! View Rally Point Details
  9. Traveling Together

    Toyota T100 in Australia?

    Hi. I am in the beginning stages of planning my next overland trip. It will be through Australia, Southern Asia, and down through Africa. I currently drive a Toyota T100 and am considering keeping it for this trip but am worried about parts availability. I know T100s didn't make it out of North...
  10. jammy

    Western Australia

    Hey guys im a new member, just joined. Was just wondering if any of you are form the south west coast of Australia. And if you are what kind of 4wds are you running.
  11. Michael

    Overland Bound Queensland, Australia Feb 2017

    We'll post here an share pictures from the trip! It's been such a great trip! Thanks to everyone for hosting! @Dunco @Luis Merlo Here's one picture! Still in spotty reception off the beaten path in Australia!
  12. Luis Merlo

    Roll Call....Australia ?

    Hello all, as the "theme" has been popular and we are getting some new members in OZ...would be nice to know where everyone is ?...cheers ! Luis Merlo , West of Brisbane ! (Collingwoosd Park , 4301)
  13. Michael

    2015 Land Rover Defender 110 Spotted in Australia

    This is an awesome ride to see in person!
  14. Michael

    Overland Bound - Great Sandy National Park - Australia

    Hey all, Overland Bound is in Australia planning the final stages of our trip to Great Sandy National Park! It's going to be a quick one. I wanted to try something we don't get to drive in the Unites States, so we will have three days with the: Nissan Patrol STX! Two words... TURBO...