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  1. RockDisco

    New Member from Alberta

    I have been hitting the back country my whole life across Alberta. Off road exploring, hunting, climbing, back packing, pretty much any way of seeing nature. Rigs have included Jeep, Frontier, Toyota, and now Land Rover Disco 5. I look forward to meeting some of you on the trails.
  2. DaveT

    Event Cancelled - Edmonton Alberta Meetup in Elk Island Park August 27-30 - 08/27/2018

    Overlanders of Central Alberta, lets meet up in person! Summer is short and the days are getting shorter. I'm planning a simple get together at Elk Island National Park where we can meet for a few days and get to know one another. To keep thinks easy and accessible I've chosen the group camping...
  3. DaveT

    Any interest in an Edmonton area meet up?

    Putting feelers out to see how many folks would be interested in a meet up in late August near Edmonton? I'm still pretty new around here but I'd love to plan a bit of a gathering. Seems like we aren't as dense here in Alberta as in other places so any excuse to round us up doesn't seem like...
  4. TheVlado

    Overland Trip Through Banff & Jasper - Where to Stay?

    Hi all, we are starting a 16 day trip from Toronto to Banff & Japser Parks. For those who have been there, could you tell us what your favorite parts were, what to see and avoid? And also if there are any good crown land (public land) sites, close to the parks, to camp on? You can message them...
  5. Michael Millward

    Elk Island To Elk Point - 08/13/2017

    Meet at Elk Island Entrance via RR203. We will zig zag via range roads to elk point. Stopping along the way to snack, make coffee and make photos. Drive there will take a est 5 hrs or so. Once at elk point we can have some supper and return via highway. Easy road trip. Bring a lunch,snacks and...
  6. YellowXterra

    New Member #6455

    Hey Guys. I am ready to get out there and have an adventure. Overlanding new to me but sounds awesome. I have been working on my rig hard this year. I want to get on there and explore. I live in Southern Alberta so there is lot to do. Just need a good group of guys to do it with. I cant...
  7. K1500Overlander

    Alberta Calgary area trail August 6/17

    hey guys so i was hoping to get a group of members in the calgary area to go for a trail run on sunday the 6? either mclean or waiprous or if anyone else knows of some cool trails around?
  8. Millsy

    Albertan and new member! 5851

    Just got my badge/shirt/swag yesterday. I've been following the youtube channel for ages, finally decided to throw my support of his videos in the pot. I'm out on trails in Alberta and BC as often as I can. Currently in my 2014 FJ Cruiser (Stock), with 158,000km on it. (I got it at 13,000km).
  9. JeepersForVets

    Get-away time.... Little Elbow, Kananaskis

    It's nice to have places like this so close to home. This is just past an area called Forgetmenot Pond in the Little Elbow area of Kananaskis, Alberta.
  10. SLO_Goat

    Cross Country(ies) in the TJ

    Howdy ya'll! In late May, I'll be taking my '97 TJ from the Bay to Augusta, GA. The only two hard objectives of this trip are to visit CU Boulder and get to Augusta by June 12. I am under no illusion that my route will stay as planned (linked Excel sheet) and I'll post updates as it's refined...
  11. JeepersForVets

    Howdy from Alberta

    Howdy folks, new member from Alberta, Canada. I've been poking through the various blog posts and thought it was time to formally join. I've seen some great information on here. I used to do lots of (pre-marriage/pre-kid) camping, and we did the fancy 25' trailer thing several years ago but I...