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  1. adv_ranger

    On Board Air Compressor

    Okay so this is going to be a 2-in-1 post both about what air compressor I should invest in, and also mounting options. I drive a 2020 Ford Ranger FX4 4x4 XLT. It has the 4 cylinder ecoboost engine, and as you would imagine there isn't a lot of space in the engine bay to mount an air...
  2. KY JKU Recon

    Air compressors

    I am new to the Overlanding community and just starting to build out my 2017 JKU and my sons 2014 5th gen 4Runner. One of the issues I keep hearing about is airing down/up for best traction on a variety of trails and needing a good air compressor to be able to deal with this. We ride in the...
  3. BEAR

    SOLD Powertank Co2 tank Bay Area

    I’m selling my 20# Powertank Co2 with regulator and mounting bracket. The mounting bracket is two parts. The one it came with and a custom piece to mount it standing up. Located in Concord CA. I’m asking $300. Sorry no shipping but if you’re local I can meet somewhere. This can fill a lot of...
  4. 300WMTUCK

    FOR SALE Roseville/Sacramento Area- Smittybilt 5.56CFM Air Compressor, BNIB-$145 obo

    BNIB Smittybilt 2781 Heavy Duty Air Compressor Kit. Purchased it as a Christmas gift for my Dad as I have the same one on my truck. I didn't know he had already traded for a VIAIR 300P and didn't need this one. Below is the information from Smittybilt. For the added convenience of being...
  5. mechman0925


    Hey all, Looks like from what Ive seen is that ARB seems to be the standard air compressor? One ARB I have seen online that puts out something like 6.16 CFM portable twin cylinder with a tank is around $800.00 retail, I am sure it can be found cheaper. I was in a Northern Tool the other day and...
  6. Pippinized

    Under Pressure - onboard air compressors and set ups

    I'll be planning on getting an air compressor for my rig in the 4th quarter of 2016. Anyone have suggestions on what to look for, or experiences with the products or install? Rig- 2010 Xterra So it's time to start doing some research on set up design and specifics. After a minute or three of...