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  1. timberwolf_120

    Project: not yet named

    Hey guys got myself a second rig 1988 Toyota 4 runner 3.0 v6 with R150 manual trans 3” body lift with shackle flip rear and maxed out torsion bars picked it up from a coworker for free Has blown head gasket and rough interior Future plans include 3.4 v6 swap Doubler from the yota gods lol...
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    Delete this thread
  3. timberwolf_120

    Build Advice Needed: Overland build of a 2006 Wrangler Unlimited (LJ) Rubicon

    Ok so let me start off by saying all this pictures looks like the axle is pushed to far forward and not correctly bumpstopped. In the crawling world up travel doesn’t matter as much as down travel. These ain’t Baja rigs. You can have a 6” lifted Jeep bumped at 4” and still have plenty of droop...
  4. timberwolf_120

    How About the WJs?

    Upgraded to long arms for the front end this past weekend. Soon getting trailforged hd heim steering with ota tracbar setup. Flex pics are on short arms from core 4x4
  5. timberwolf_120

    Mojave desert monthly meetup

    Man it’s been an interesting couple a years lol. Doing good tho. Yourself? You planning on coming down to California?? Lol. If so definitely hit me up man. Would love to catch up and show you my neck of the woods....well neck of the desert lol
  6. timberwolf_120

    War Machine: The Silver 01 Jeep Wj

    Life’s been crazy over the past couple years. As some of you know I went through a nasty divorce during my last deployment. That’s finally over. And found the perfect woman for me and we are set to be married in October of this year. We just had a beautiful little girl and she already had two...
  7. timberwolf_120

    War Machine: The Silver 01 Jeep Wj

    Just a few updated pics of the war machine Since last post I’ve removed the front and rear bumpers. I added hkoffroads gatekeeper and hidden winch Mount, added their kick ass glissade rock sliders. And here’s a couple flex pics too to show off how well short arms can really work on a wj.
  8. timberwolf_120

    Mojave desert monthly meetup

    Bump. Anyone interested in this?
  9. timberwolf_120

    Mojave desert monthly meetup

    Thanks! Running cheapo white body’s from iro, eventually gonna upgrade to the doetesch ones they offer. As for tires running 33x12.5x15s x3 grabbers, on 15x9 Steelers with 3.75 backspacing. Also on a 4” lift Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. timberwolf_120

    Mojave desert monthly meetup

    Hey guys and gals of the Mojave desert region. People that live along the 395 from Adelanto to bishop and others that may live on the beaten path. I’m looking to do a monthly meetup in Ridgecrest meet at the local pizza factory and have some good food and get to know our fellow overlanders and...
  11. timberwolf_120

    What are the absolute best mud tires?

    Duratracs are good tires. Perform well in most situations. Seem to excel in snow and ice compared to any other offroad tire. But they have weak sidewalls. Watched a buddy shred three in the same day tho. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  12. timberwolf_120

    What are the absolute best mud tires?

    I will second this. I've had them on for about 8k miles so far and have wheeled in various terrains from the mountains of Washington to Moab Utah and pretty much everything in between. They do wonders in soft sand like dunes and hook up on rocks great. Absolutely love them. I'll be getting...
  13. timberwolf_120

    OB Spokane Weekly Greet And Meet

    Plans just changed, dude is coming sooner then I was expecting Next Thursday at the ref at say 630. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk