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    For back country use I really like my MSR Lightning Ascents.
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    Overland Hound

    So she's a search and rescue dog? How cool! What certifications does she have?
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    Searching for Rock Art in the Southwest

    Looks like you and I took the same photos. The famous green guy is tough to photograph and I had a crappy camera at the time. It's an amazing place.
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    Searching for Rock Art in the Southwest

    Valley of Fire is amazing. Petroglyphs are quite limited, but the rock formations are other worldly.
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    New Mexico Overlanders

    Took my ZR2 out for a spin north of Taos today.
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    Overlanding with Your Dog: Jennifer & Monty

    We were on the road with Buck over two weeks starting middle of October. Bluff Utah, north rim Grand Canyon, Valley of Fire State Park in NV and finally out to LA to visit one of the kids. Buck is a great camp dog and is very tolerant of being in the truck for long stretches. Here's a pic...
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    OutdoorX4 Likes My Truck

    Nice to see my rig on OutdoorX4's Facebook site.
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    What About "Idiots" on Our Trails?

    I think we're all on the same page (pages) here. Totally agree with not politicizing stuff. Enjoy, learn, share, repeat.
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    New Mexico Overlanders

    We'd love to have you! Do you mean the Enchanted Circle? It's the mostly circular drive from Taos, to Questa, Red River, Eagle Nest, Angel Fire, and back to Taos. If that's not it, let us know where you'd like to go - it's all pretty spectacular. Edit: OK, I looked up "Enchanted Rockies"...
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    Expedition Overland interviews AEV on the new Bison ZR2 Colorado

    Here's my Bison knockoff. I call it the "Burrito", because heating a burrito is the only thing the cell phone charger in the Colorado is good for. ;) I've got the 589 Fab skid plate package, cab mounted the spare for extra clearance, and have no interest in much bigger tires or a bumper...
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    Post your OVERLAND EXPO EAST 2018 photos here

    Re the weather, that's why I'm glad we live in the west - it can be bad enough. At least when it was at Mormon Lake, farther away from Flagstaff, access to the venue was easy. If it rained, or snowed and rained like it did in 2015, it turned into a muddy mess too. Well, it was set up in a...
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    Camp Photos!

    Nice camp! I wanted to boondock near Zion on our western trip a couple of weeks ago but it looked like rain, and pulling a trailer up a hill didn't look like the smartest thing to try. I then rerouted to boondock at Valley of the Gods near Bluff, same deal. Ended up in a campground in Bluff...
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    Camp Photos!

    On our first night there was a massive electrical storm with a LOT of water running down the wash to the right of our trailer. Immediately to the right is another small site where a guy was camped in his tent. He said that his tent started to float in the middle of the storm! Fortunately the...
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    Camp Photos!

    Our campsite at Valley of Fire State Park in NV, last week.