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  1. TacoBox

    1st Gen Tacoma Camper aka TacoBox

    Thank you. The gearing and tires work great, plenty of low end torque that is usable on the trail. Just on the highway doing 75/80 it revs high so mpg suffers but the low and mid range power is worth it.
  2. TacoBox

    1st Gen Tacoma Camper aka TacoBox

    I got a new rig, I needed more room for my business. Picked up a Quigley van which I have been working on to get trail ready the last two weeks. If I didn’t need more space I wouldn’t sell the truck, it went everywhere and was always reliable.
  3. TacoBox

    1st Gen Tacoma Camper aka TacoBox

    Posted up for sale in the Rig marketplace. $16k with all gear included.
  4. TacoBox

    FOR SALE Northern CA - 2002 Tacoma w/ Camper - $14.5k OBO - No Shipping $16k Clean Title in hand 2002 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 2.7 Manual 146k miles 2.7 4 Cyl Engine 5 speed manual transmission Manual transfer case Marlin Crawler Clutch – installed at Hillsdale Transmission 4.10 Gears...
  5. TacoBox

    Coleman Oven

    I love mine, I made brownies at 2 am while waiting for motorcycles at my pit during the Baja 1000. When a crashed rider stopped in and I offered him a hot brownie he was wondering exactly how bad his crash was. Just watch the heat initially things tend to get a little crispy on the bottom.
  6. TacoBox

    Two weeks AZ-Cabo-AZ

    Awesome trip!
  7. TacoBox

    Overland Baja?

    Thank you! Well before joining OB I was used to seeing Racedezert and Pirate4x4 threads of groups going to watch the races in Baja, my audience wasn't just limited to the ones around the campfire it was OB in general. And I don't know if it is because members just are not into going across the...
  8. TacoBox

    Overland Baja?

    I am a newbie to overlanding and overall 4x4ing, but in the last 6 months I have dove head first into the hobby and now have caught the life long bug. I have always had a yearn to make the trip to the elusive Baja peninsula home to Desert Racing, sandy beaches, and of course endless tacos! On my...
  9. TacoBox

    I AM JAKE'S | Jade | Interior Rebuild | 94 YJ

    Will the bed be mounted at that "Uphill" angle? Or will the rear half pivot up to adjust for the angle that the jeep is parked on? Cool build
  10. TacoBox

    Overland Expo West 2018

    Bought mine, see you all there in the party camp!
  11. TacoBox

    Help with rear bumper ideas

    I would recommend 0.120 wall thickness or higher, so far I haven't had any bending or cracking (fingers crossed). I pretty much followed and old article in 4wheeler for building a prerunner tube bumper. Off the top of my head 1.75" or 2" round tube for main structures and 1.5" for supports all...
  12. TacoBox

    1st Gen Tacoma Camper aka TacoBox

    Thanks everyone! As most projects go they are never ending, after using Mojave Road as a prerun and test with the changes and additions I made I will have to modify the rear suspension. I drastically under estimated my weight when ordering my Alcan Springs and I want to go faster in the dirt...
  13. TacoBox

    1st Gen Tacoma Camper aka TacoBox

    Thanks Ryan for the awesome photos on the trail!