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  1. squishware

    Jeep Owners Represent!

    This is Xena my latest and oldest. 1982 Cj7
  2. squishware

    Rig Photos

    New shoes! I went from 33x 12.5 to 31 x 10.5. I lost 8 POUNDS of rotating weight per wheel and my suspension can fully cycle now.
  3. squishware

    Full size overlanding pros vs cons.

    The RIGHT answer is "buy both". It looks like I am keeping Cleo ( 2000 F150) until I have Xena ( '82 CJ7 w/89 GM 4.3 V6) fully sorted.
  4. squishware

    Full size overlanding pros vs cons.

    I have been offroading my 2000 F150 for a few years. Barely full sized and no issue with size or turning radius for the things I do. I did just buy a CJ7, not for size just to cure the Jeep fever.
  5. squishware

    Wrenching on their own rigs?

    I have three grown sons that I taught to work on their own vehicles. THE quote goes, "nobody loves your car/truck/bike but you"
  6. squishware

    Favorite truck bed setups with no topper?

    I am trying to re-energize excitement about the plan for my f150. Contractors cap (windowless) with barn doors at the rear. My bed is 6.5 feet so wheel well height drawer and mattress on top. Integrated rack on cap for solar and perhaps a box for lightweight storage. Awning over the back doors...
  7. squishware

    Tough truck decisions, help?

    Do they salt the roads in MT? I would get a 4WD 10th gen f150 97-03. Cheap to buy, cheap parts, rock solid with the 4.6 motor and spark plug change. Let the salt eat something cheap. Get a Toyota when you get out and start getting paid. PS: I do not claim objectivity.
  8. squishware

    Outsideonline article, "No, You Don't Need to Modify Your Truck to Go Off-Road"

    Back in the day on the Jeep Rubicon forum I would watch people overbuild thier rig and then complain about "local trails are too easy". The end result is trailering your rig to other states just to have as much fun as you used to on a dirt road by your house.
  9. squishware

    Strange occurrences and tales of the unexplained!

    I worked second shift in the Engineering Department at the Ritz Carlton in Sarasota. When the overnight guy called in I would have to cover the overnight shift. It was the only shift we could access the Spa for repairs. Very scary spot and famously haunted.
  10. squishware

    5 Tips for Surviving Outdoors in the Cold

    Drink a shot of olive oil before bed, if sleeping near the limits of your sleeping bag. Fat burns hotter than grains/sugars.
  11. squishware

    What to do (buy a new rig?...

    Take all the stuff out of your utility bed boxes and figure out where it will go in the Jeep or if you can do without it. Really opposite platforms, the answer lies in YOUR need/want in a rig.
  12. squishware

    R.I.P. Beloved vehicles that are now gone (wrecked,traded in,sold,or lost in divorce)

    318 is one of my favorite motors. I had a 318 in my Dodge sporty shorty service van. I think that motor could pull a wheelie, in the van!