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    4Runner Owners Registry

    After years of dreaming about getting a 4Runner, the time has arrived: '06 SR5 V8. What did I get myself into?
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    New member from Eastern Oregon

    Awesome looking truck! I'm just getting to the point of doing some major modifications with mine. It's a 2003. What year is yours and what suspension/tires/lift work has been done? Love how everything is balanced.
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    OB Pacific Northwest Trail Run - 2017 Edition

    For those that enjoy NP as well as NF lands, the America the Beautiful pass ($80) covers you for both for one year. You'll still need to get the Discover Pass separately for state lands where required.
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    OB Pacific Northwest Trail Run - 2017 Edition

    Sounds like a lot of fun. I'm definitely interested.
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    Hello all! My name is Anthony and I love being outdoors. I've been doing backpacking for a few years (including the Wonderland Trail) but want to do more overland/offroad adventures. I'm married to the most awesome woman in the world with the 3 best kids in the world. 1) Picture below of my...