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    Monache Meadows

    We sure did feel the earthquake. And all of the aftershocks. We were camped out near Monache Creek that night.
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    Monache Meadows

    Monache Meadows lies within the Inyo National Forest at an elevation around 8,000ft and is surrounded by the Golden Trout Wilderness. The USDA website list it as a remote area of the Kern Plateau reached by a rough and rocky road, High Clearance a must, 4WD recommended. Dispersed camping ...
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    Goose Lake, NM Day Trip

    Looks fun! Thanks for sharing.
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    Lets see some trail photos!

    Trail up to Laurel Lakes. Oh, the views...
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    Front Runner Wolf Pack Legs

    I ended up making a set of legs for my kitchen box a while back thanks to the OP. Thanks to this idea and my tailgate table, I have eliminated the need to bring a table on trips.
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    Night Shots of Camp

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    Nice rig! And great photos!
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    Memorial Weekend Trip to Southern Death Valley

    Looks fun! Thanks for sharing.
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    Nature Photos

    Few shots from San Bernardino Mountains.
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    Camp Photos!

    Nice to find those little tucked in spots.
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    New Member

    Nice rig!
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    Window tint... Let's talk pros and cons

    Alot of newer vehicles in the US come with back and rear door windows tinted already. I wanted to get a really light UV and heat resistant tint for the front door windows on my Grand Cherokee. But I let the tint shop talk me into a darker tint that more closely matched the factory tint. Even...
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    Overland Hound

    Husker Bear, the Berner.
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    This is AWESOME!!!

    Pretty exciting. Look forward to trying it out!
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    Rig Photos

    Looks like those Grabbers did you well! What trail is that?