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  1. GeoGreg

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    why the change?
  2. GeoGreg

    Camp Photos!

  3. GeoGreg

    Camp Photos!

  4. GeoGreg

    which is your favorite method of going to the restroom when over landing?

    i have a CLEANWASTE D119PET Portable Toilet. its built like a tank. works well, harder to break down. need to put lid under rear legs or buy a second lid.
  5. GeoGreg

    Overland Bound Geocache General Discussion

    after 18 years and 31 thousand finds, 1390 FTF, 49 states and 7 countries with a min of 7 finds per calendar day, finally got tired of stopping every .10 miles driving down road
  6. GeoGreg

    New smaller, more portable WaterPort

    what the heck? really? who designed it with the hose valve sticking out the side? on my original full size it was recessed in the form of the tank. once water in in the tank, you camt removed this and its going to stick out like this. no amount of explaining is going to get me to think this...
  7. GeoGreg

    Campsite Trona Pinnacles?

    Ok. Was coming in late, as it’s getting darker earlier assuming November will be darker. Was looking for a good place to start the first night.
  8. GeoGreg

    Campsite Trona Pinnacles?

    Thinking of heading to Trona Pinnacles for a weekend in November (assuming it dont rain). will be getting there late on a Friday, anyone have a waypoint of a good base camp for a Jeep Grand Cherokee pulling an off road TearDrop?
  9. GeoGreg

    Best Affordable Storage Tote

    Just add that in the right box is a ham radio controller mounted to a face plate over the rear view mirror and you will be fine. ;).
  10. GeoGreg

    Overlanding Campfire Skewer

    thank you . ordered two.
  11. GeoGreg

    Overlanding Campfire Skewer

    offer says till end of may
  12. GeoGreg

    Hello from Southern Ontario, Canada

    Nice shiny truck you have there.
  13. GeoGreg

    Wok vs Scottle

    I’ve been using the same Coleman stove for almost 20 years that set me back 30 bucks at an end of the season Target sale. Set up is open the lid and screw on bottle. Adjust temp with the knobs, grill on the left, cook eye on the right. Got a old heavy skillet pan that fits on the left grill...
  14. GeoGreg

    Overlanding Campfire Skewer

    any chance in extending the offer?