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    FOR SALE 4runner / 120 Suspension Parts - Bay Area CA

    To the top. Still have the Radflo's and a few other parts.
  2. daPitbull

    Dispersed camping near Bodie ca

    Try up by Buckeye hot springs. There is a campground up there, or dispersed camping closer to the hot springs. Its up in hills overlooking Bridgeport so there is lots of shade. You can then take the backway into Bodie (masonic trail...I think). Lot's of bear activity
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    2008 4runner Build

    here is a few of the inside fender:
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    2008 4runner Build

    I doubt I'm going to do much with Sequoia that will warrant it's own build page, but got some new shoes on it; some dark bronze SCS Stealth 6 20x9 on a set of Tundra take off tires. Other plans may include a nice stereo system. This is our daily kid hauler so not going to tinker with it too...
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    Camp Photos!

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    Family Mojave road trip

    I can't make the 28th, but open to future runs. I've got 3 kids that have a lot of seat time, 4, 6, 8 yrs old. always interested in meeting like minded families. Keep me posted.
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    White Rim Favorite Campsites

    oh man...looking for those campsite pics had me looking at some old's a pretty epic trail
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    White Rim Favorite Campsites

    It's an awesome trail...hope to go back soon. We did it over two nights, I think anything less you'd be rushing through. White Crack was awesome. Eerily quiet at night. Hardscrabble the 2nd night. Epic scenery, killer mosquitos!
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    Bay Area Wanderers

    Welcome! I’m in the area as well
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    FOR SALE 4runner / 120 Suspension Parts - Bay Area CA

    Fine with me. DM me
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    FOR SALE 4runner / 120 Suspension Parts - Bay Area CA

    Yes they will fit
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    2008 4runner Build

    Traded in our mini van for a 16' Sequoia. Really wanted to get into a LC200, but the price difference and the more roomy interior suits our purposes better. It won't see anything more than dirt roads/fire roads, so gonna keep the build pretty low key
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    FOR SALE 4runner / 120 Suspension Parts - Bay Area CA

    Getting rid of a bunch of nice aftermarket parts that have been cluttering up my garage. Parts will work for all Toyota 120 platforms (FJCruisers, 4runner, GX470). I believe parts will also fit some 5th Gen 4runners, you'll need to do some research to confirm. Icon Billet UCAs - SOLD All Pro...
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    Hello from San Jose, CA

    Welcome. Bay Area 4th gen, Oakland.