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  1. chris_nc

    Another camping drawer/slide out project (Jeep JK)

    Reviving my old thread because this seem to be like an annual upgrade process for me! :grimacing: So here is the 3.0 Version! Last year I moved from my traditional cooler to a fridge. While running it off my normal starting battery seemed to work fine, I still wasn't happy with the solution...
  2. chris_nc

    Jeep Soft Top Friendly Awning

    I didn't really have issues with rain running in at the window. Where I had the largest issue was the night of that first pic, it really rained hard, I mean a massive downpour. I woke up in the middle of the night, looked out and saw the middle of the awning sagging almost to the ground with a...
  3. chris_nc

    Jeep Soft Top Friendly Awning

    Here are a couple more pics from it getting used on the Georgia Traverse a year ago. It really did work out great. I thought about doing the same thing Mike mentioned above, adding a crossed/arched tent pole section from corner to corner, but haven't done anything else with it lately.
  4. chris_nc

    Jeep Soft Top Friendly Awning

    Mike - Here is the actual tarp that I used to make it. Amazon - KampFit It worked well, but I did learn that it wasn't quite tight enough to keep a hard rain from pooling in the middle while it was deployed. I still have it, but I now have a hard top and I'm trying to figure out how I could...
  5. chris_nc

    Gazelle Tent

    I'll +1 the moving quilt idea. I have two that I picked up at Harbor Freight for $5. I'll roll them like a sleeping bag and stuff them in a stuff bag from REI. They work great in the T3, and when I use my larger REI Kingdom 6, I use one on each side (kind of two rooms) for my daughter and I...
  6. chris_nc

    Do You Suffer From "gottamodifitis" ?

    Yep. Every.Single.Weekend. This past weekend was replacing my winch line, and repacking my recovery gear, installing a power interrupt solenoid for my winch, and rearranging the beer in my Arctic fridge so the cans don't rattle while driving. :tongueout: What's the saying... "the worst day...
  7. chris_nc

    Jeep Owners Represent!

    Having flashbacks to the day when the ONLY cloud in the entire state of North Carolina targeted my topless Jeep with Tomahawk cruise missile accuracy!
  8. chris_nc

    Fridge slide cable management?

    Cool, thanks. I hadn't thought about those "linked" cable carriers. I actually need to place an order with McMaster Carr for some other stuff, so I might just add those as well. I like that you can get it at various sizes, and can customize the length too.
  9. chris_nc

    Fridge slide cable management?

    So I have posted a couple of versions of my home made storage platform with cooler/fridge slide out shelf here in the past. It has worked out great for my cooler. However, I now have a fridge and one thing that I'm trying to figure out is a better way to handle the power cable when sliding it...
  10. chris_nc

    Georgia Traverse

    Hey Edward - I don't see any other responses, so I hope this helps. The Georgia Traverse isn't really a trail, it's a combination of on and off road tracks strung together to create a full route to get you from one side of the state to the other, in some very scenic parts of several states...
  11. chris_nc

    Georgia Traverse - New Years Trip

    Hey folks, sorry for the delayed response. Nick, I think the only thing I would point out based on some recent information posted from the forest service is that the Wildcat Creek area (look up Wildcat Creek campgrounds) are closed due to major forest service road damage in the area. We...
  12. chris_nc

    Windshield Pics...

    Coming down from Max Patch Mountain Saturday night after a cool sunset and some astrophotography, a random cow in the middle of the road.
  13. chris_nc

    What's your latest camping gear purchase, and what caused you to buy it?

    My two latest purchases have been: (1) Gazelle T3 - I just needed a quicker, simpler, easy put up/take down tent for myself. I have a large REI Kingdom 6 for camping in a stationary site for long periods, but for overlanding and being on the move, the T3 is awesome. Oh, and it fits in my 2 door...
  14. chris_nc

    Gazelle Tents

    I picked up a T3 a few weeks ago and used it for 4 days at the American Adventurist Appalachian Rendezvous last week. It worked out great with just me sleeping in there on this trip. Plenty of room even though once set up it does look a bit smaller than I expected. I agree with the notes...
  15. chris_nc

    New Jeep Day! Annie is here!

    If you are considering an overland style build that will add a lot of weight (roof rack, RTT, bumpers, skids, etc.) and plan to have a fairly heavy payload as well (fridge, camping gear, etc.), then I would seriously consider the Outback Overland setup from TeraFlex over the other kits. At...