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    Bay Area radio sales?

    Talk to Nick at the Oakland store. He is the manager there and very knowledgeable. He’ll steer you right. Bill/N6SGT
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    Coms suggestions

    That works for me. I’m retired so my schedule is pretty flexible. PM me for my cell number to coordinate. Bill N6SGT
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    Coms suggestions

    I have all 3 (HAM, GMRS, CB) as well as a satellite device. I am also in the East Bay (Castro Valley) and would be happy to meet you and show you what I have. I can help you develop an integrated comms plan that will work for you. Bill N6SGT
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    Moving to Cali

    The front license plate requirement is only if he registers the vehicle in CA. If it remains registered in Texas, then their rule requiring a front license applies. (This was was decided in a criminal case that went to the Supreme Court (US if I remember correctly)). Good luck with the move...
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    Rock climbing/Bouldering ?

    Mt. Diablo State Park has an area set aside for that.
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    Should we have a regional For Sale section?

    Yes...My .02 worth is that it would make it easier to look in just the areas in which you have interest.
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    Use of Radios While Driving (California)

    ***Update*** Below is a link to a website that is tracking what is going on with the efforts to modify this law, and links to send emails to your various legislators. I encourage you to read and keep up with what is going on. I also encourage you to contact your legislator and express your...
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    Official Region West Facebook Group

    Outstanding. Thanks for the effort to keep everyone involved and informed.
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    Use of Radios While Driving (California)

    You're right, the trail is why we're here, but let's not forget usage while convoying to the trail head or back home after the adventure. This is when you'd possibly be seen and the information comes into play.
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    Oregon ghost town trip.

    Sounds interesting. What are the vehicle requirements? (I'm driving a stock Ford F-250 4x4).
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    Use of Radios While Driving (California)

    There There already are exemptions in the vehicle code for emergency services personnel (police, fire, EMS) to use radios (and cell phones). I wouldn't count on the FCC providing any assistance to a licenses operator cited under these circumstances. While the Federal Government encourages...
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    Use of Radios While Driving (California)

    Agreed. You would win in court between this directive and the legislative intent notes, but who needs the hassle. ~Bill
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    Use of Radios While Driving (California)

    On January 1, 2017, a revised version of California Vehicle Code Section 23123.5 went into effect. This change required that wireless telephones and electronic wireless communication devices had to be mounted to the dashboard or center console, AND be operated with a single swipe or tap of the...
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    HAM Radio Call Sign Check-In Thread

    N6SGT checking in. ~Bill
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    That's all part of the fun!