Winter Wheeling/Overland

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I'm just wondering what everyone is carrying in your rig extra for our winter months. I'm pretty well prepared usually. I just keep an extra hoodie, snow pants, and a wind proof winter jacket and gloves. Have spare gloves and lids for any extra passengers or people in need and some of those chemical warming things for your boots or gloves. Thought about carrying extra socks but how far is to far really? I have an XJ and between tools, spare parts and all the gear that's in there already I am finding myself thin on available space.


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Snow gear: heavy duty snow pants, big parka, big snow boots, extra gloves, mitts, toques, neckwarmers, balaclava.
Shovel - typically a large scoop type aluminum grain shovel.
Extendable snow brush

The standard recovery gear, first aid kits, extinguishers, etc typically is always in the FJ.


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I usually have winter survival gear onboard for winter travel in the oilfield, extra layers and thermals etc.