Who makes the best, well constructed solar kit for RVs ?

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I'm looking for a total self install kit with an inverter , 200-300 watts. Who makes the best in your opinion and why ?
Please also include a link.
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I just use the 100w panel/charger/controller combo I got from Harbor Freight. I think it was somewhere in the $100-150 range (it was a while ago). It is not super portable, which about a 2X3 foot panel which I store on the RV bed when towing, then set up at camp. It keeps the batteries charged for use when dry camping. Enough to run lights, furnace, water pump. Sorry I don't have a link - but I am sure you can find it at the HF page.


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i'm running the Renogy Solar 300 Watt solar kit on my 22" RV. i've had it for a few years now. No problem at al.
Started with 100 Watt kit, and then added 2 more panels. (because i had the space).
300 Watt is a bit overkill as i can fully charge my duo-12V batteries by mid morning after draining it all night.
Easy to install, comes with everything you need. There's also Portable kits and flexible panels now available as well.


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I went with Zamp for my RV since it's prewired for it. I have 300watts with one roof mount panel and one portable. I have the 2000watt inverter, and with 4 6 volt batteries, I run satellite tv and all the rest of the normal trailer stuff. It is a great kit, but not the cheapest.

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I havent tried them but I'm kinda interested in some of the self adhesive flexable panels. You can walk on them and they're real low profile. Google or Youtube search will bring them up.
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Renogy Wanderer 30amp Charge Controller with battery temperature sensor. Battery is VMax Tank 125amp hour . This battery has a 10 to 12 year life span.
I'm running 2 100 watt Renogy Portable Suit Case Panels (one 100watt shown) were I can run them together or just use one 100 watt panel. I have 20ft of 10 awg cable to move the panels or panel were ever need to.
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