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  1. T

    DIY 12V Power Supply with Schematic

    Here is a schematic I have drawn up for a 12 volt power supply that I am currently working on. Please disregard the power inverter being direct wired to the battery. I have changed this because I have wired banana jacks to the battery for direct power so I can plug the inverter into them because...
  2. Caddis

    Solar Power 101 Advice For Trailer

    So, as I get closer to finishing my trailer, I need some help. I hope someone can show me some pictures of their solar setup. I would like to see a more detailed pictures. I could be over thinking this. Really, all I the power I'll need is to run LED rope lights.
  3. The Traveling Shepherd

    Who makes the best, well constructed solar kit for RVs ?

    I'm looking for a total self install kit with an inverter , 200-300 watts. Who makes the best in your opinion and why ? Please also include a link.
  4. wrmmt

    Dual Battery and Solar Panel System Questions

    I'm starting to plan out the power system for my rig and am having a bit of hard time wrapping my head around everything. I am planning on starting with a dual battery system and then adding a solar panel later when I am more ready to add a fridge to the mix. At this point I am leaning towards...
  5. Glenn

    Bucks 2013 JKUR Build,Trails & Tales

    I bought this brand new and it has been evolving ever since it hit our driveway. I built this for trail riding and rock crawling and have 60k on it now and love it. Times change and now we want to mix the trail with the camping so the transformation is taking place and we are very excited about...