What is your rigs name

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I had a black XJ in college that I wheeled the heck out off. One of my buddies started calling it Bucephalus (cephalus), which was the name of Alexander the Great’s black horse (Alexander the movie was popular at the time).

Anyway, the name eventually morphed into Syphilis (shocker) and one of my friends actually wrote Syphilis on my mud-caked hood one night. He did it so well that it scratched the paint underneath and my hood forever said Syphilis in giant block letters.

That was the last time I named a vehicle.

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Ours became Pulaski. After the U.S. Forest Ranger Edward 'Ed' Pulaski. My 1974 VW Beetle became Gifford after Gifford Pinchot (First U.S. Forest Service Chief and founder of the Yale School of Forestry). I am seeing a trend...maybe...88610