What is your rigs name

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You always see the Jeep folks with their vehicles named on their hoods...names like "Dominator" or "Slayer"....and it got me wondering if other people, jeep or otherwise, have named their rigs. So....

...Whats your rig's name and why did you name it that?

Mine is Caird, named after the small boat James Caird. The James Caird was a 22.5ft life boat that arguably saved the lives of Ernest Shackleton and the crew of the Endurance in 1916. The Endurance was trapped in the ice in the Weddell Sea of Antarctica and eventually sank. While the overall story of the Endurance is quite a good one, the Caird is known for the open ocean journey from Elephant Island to South Georgia, 800 miles in rough seas (at times 100ft swells) and no navigation except stars and luck. When you consider the size of the ocean, the size of South Georgia, and the fact that past that is just the open Atlantic, it was a miracle they landed on South Georgia.

In the spirit of overlanding, and the fact that my rig is my life boat, I named my 4Runner Caird.


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We've always named our vehicles, from my first Jeep an 85' CJ7 named Jessica, to my current Sportage named Roxy. Makes it easier to remember which car we're talking about, there have been a couple of repeats over the years, from three Cherokees, a half dozen Baja's, a couple of Souls, and numerous Samurais. The current name is in memory or our yellow lab who passed last year. It was my daughters first dog, the Sportage reminds me of her, low on ground clearance but willing to jump in anyway. :)


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With over 100 vehicles have been owned by me I stopped naming them. But a couple that stand out were

Ole beater. Y first truck an 86 ranger, bought for $100 from police impound. It was involved in a police Chase that resulted in a pit maneuver, only thing straight was the roof, it was literally a beater.

My first 4x4 was named mud light mostly because it was a mud truck only and I was a 16 you sneaking around drinking bud light.

Had another named half fast. Say that fast and you'll get it.

The gf still names all her rides. She doesn't get much more creative that me, he dodge nitro was Fi fi because the tag on it was fifi484

Her Mariner is Mary. So creative.

She did call her 86 Chevy Winston, again not creative, it was the name of a horse she wanted to buy but never could as a teen


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Betty keeps coming to mind when ever I drive her....so Betty it is... She's an '04.5 Ram 2500... and she's the first vehicle I've ever named; even though, my mom and sisters all named every vehicle that they owned.
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