What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

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Greg Eigsti

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I learned something about my 2017 Wrangler JKU. The stud sticking straight up off of the battery connectors (closest to the battery post) that has no wires attached to it is not a good place to attach accessory wires. That stud has a nut with a cone on the bottom - that cone serves to properly tighten the connector onto the battery post. If you add accessory wires here the cone cannot do its job and tighten the connector.

Recently my Jeep's dummy lights would occasionally flash and the warning bell would sound for a very brief time - typically this included the sway bar disconnect indicator. Did a little internet detective work and found that this could be due to a bad ground and to start looking at the battery connectors. I found that my connectors were indeed loose and took things apart and clued in to the fact that the cones served a purpose and that my accessory wires were not allowing the cone to do its job. Moved the wires to a different spot and tightened the connectors - have not had the issue since.


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Finally made the decision to regear. The 373’s just weren’t cutting it, especially with all the extra weight in the rear, and when pulling the trailer.

Thought long and hard between 456’s and 488’s. Decided to go with Yukon 488’s, and so far, no regrets. Still in the break-in period but can definitely tell a huge difference. No more “hunting” between gears!

At the same time did some ARB diff covers, and an AEV snorkel.

Can’t wait to see how it really feels once I get past that break-in period.

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Who did the re-gear man


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Got a rock chip fixed in my windshield before it spreads as the weather warms up! Ordered up a auxiliary transmission cooler, (BM70264) to make sure that I don’t get the “strawberry milkshake “ problem, with my 4Runner. Also, new lower ball joints in the front end! Vance.


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More of a "what did you do with your rig yesterday", but nevertheless... Took the Subaru out for the first real trip of the season; traveling throughout Ontario and Quebec. I spent most of my time along the Ottawa Valley overland route, which can be found on graveltravel.ca. I am honestly, very impressed with this vehicle. It got me through a lot of nasty weather and terrain, and was very comfortable to live out of!


Started out on some nice forest trails near the US/Can border.


Found some pretty nasty trail conditions - it continued on like this for hundreds of feet, and was about a foot deep in a few of the sections I went out to observe. The region has been facing periodic flooding over the last month. I popped out my front bumper protector, but otherwise, the Forester handled it very well. Great tires make a big difference too.


Found a nice place to camp for the night, under the moonlight and stars. It's great that there's so little light pollution up here.