vehicle mounted heat exchanger for shower.

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I use a portable shower that uses a small propane bottle. I use it out on the trail and I hooking to the back of my semi and use it any where. It's the ecotemp hot water on demand.
Thats what we use too, but we'll be changing to a non-propane option. The EcoTemps get a little explode-ey in at least one application and the warranty wasn't exactly ideal. Use with healthy caution and it's probably fine, but the risk combined with the desire to standardize fuel across our stuff means we'll go with an onboard, either a Helton or a Plate exchanger, when the time comes.

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Here’s photos of mine. My 10gal tank is a drop-in I made to replace the small cubby area in the back cargo area of the JKU. I bought most of it off amazon, but made many trips to Lowe’s for fittings. Lowe’s had a much better selection of fittings then HD. I’ve got the water line tee’d right before it enters the heat exchanger so I can have a cold and hot water line running to a mixing valve that is located inside the shower enclosure that is attached to the side of my roof rack, above the front passenger door. The black gas flex line is used as the neck of the shower head so I can fold it all back up to fit in the vinyl bag of the shower enclosure. View attachment 69602View attachment 69603View attachment 69604View attachment 69605View attachment 69606View attachment 69607View attachment 69608View attachment 69609View attachment 69610View attachment 69611
Nice ideas Mudbug! Did you research about galvanic corrosion on your engine using this heat exchanger? It will not produce this effect?