Trasharoo Spare Tyre Trash Bag

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Only leaving footprints in the sand has just got a lot easier with the Trasharoo Spare Tyre Trash Bag. It’s the perennial problem when camping; where to put your trash? You don’t want it in the car as your driving and well you just can’t leave it at the campsite. The only option is to take it with you and if you have a spare tyre hooked up the tail door then the Trasharoo could be the solution.

Installation is easy although on the FJ it’s a little awkward to get larger hands behind the spare wheel and to fasten and tighten the straps and they need to be tight to secure the bag correctly. Once it’s on, the bag has plenty of capacity to fit all the rubbish you can generate with the bag holding around 20kgs of waste! I lined mine with a heavy duty black bin liner to avoid spills on the bag but there are holes in the bag for drainage and I guess the bag can be cleaned.

The bag worked well (it’s a bag after all) and if you don’t want to put trash in the bag, you could also put recovery gear in it for easy access. The cost of the bag was USD 50 excluding shipping from Amazon and come in a number of different colours. I choose the olive green one.

My only criticism with the bag is that I don’t want to leave it on my spare wheel all the time and therefore when it’s time to bring the bag into the car, the bag is very dusty. It would be much better if I had a carport/garage to leave the bag in, but I guess I can’t blame Trasharoo for the fact that I don’t have a garage!!!

The bag is great quality with lots of expansion opportunities, the zips and buckles look like they would last a lifetime and the canvas feels very durable. All up the bag is great and is recommended for anyone camping or spending time in the wilderness.


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Mine remains on the spare of my trailer which is garaged. My only complaint is that with minimal exposure to the sun I can still see it beginning to fade.


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I leave mine on my rig all the time. That being said I have to replace it about every year because it gets sun baked.

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Even with storing the bag when not in use the material is not very durable with sun damage after minimal exposure to the sun.
I always wash my bag in soapy water after use and I think that helps in making it last .

I use small binder clips to hold the garbage bag inside the trasharoo.

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Would you guys feel confident using a trasharoo for a couple of days in an environment where bears are an issue? How well do they seal?
They don't really seal. It's basically a large knapsack. The opening at the top (under the flap) is just a drawstring and doesn't even close all of the way due to the stiffness of the material. In fact, there are even drain holes at the bottom. I would not expect this to be bear proof or resistant in any way and would continue to follow normal bear protection procedures.
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To add a couple features not mentioned...

I often use the small pockets and ripstop nylon loops on the outside of the bag to store things I need to get in a hurry when camping. Carabiners organized with coffee mugs to wrenches on the trail.

Lots of uses for these bags. I wash mine out at home with the hose after trips and hang it to dry completely. I'd recommend storing it inside (especially in dry, hot climates), as they will fade.