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Im at about 15000 miles half of that highway miles on them now, that pic was from this morning. They started off with 5/8 tread ive worn down nearly 1/8 so far. Price is way lower than any of the usual m/t brands out there you can have 5 tires for less than what 4 would be. I can honestly say i wont be going back to the name brand overpriced tires anytime in the future. They have other a/t and normal highway tires also but i can not attest to them. I switched to these because other name brand a/t tires were getting me stuck in grass wet from morning dew, and light mud. i had toyo open country tires almost kill my wife and i turning at a stoplight while it was wet, now i can turn while its wet at full speed and not be worried about hitting oncoming vehicles. I live in texas so i dont know how they do in snow but i reckon they would do pretty good given how they work in mud and wet weather.
Thinking I may end up with these myself on my 4RUNNER due to your experience with them. I had similar problems with a few different all terrains slipping in wet grass and sliding on wet roads. Not cool at all. This is my daily driver and hopefully they will treat me well mileage wise. Thanks for the post. Helped me make up my mind on dependable tires for the weather here in Pa as well as on the trail. It’s much appreciated!

Semper Fi