cooper tires

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  1. bamakojon

    Tire Questions: Cooper Discoverer AT vs. AT3--Differences other than $$$$ ?

    Any light that anyone can shed on the functional differences between the Cooper Discoverer AT All-Season and the Cooper Discoverer AT3 would be great. From what I can tell, they have the same load and speed rating, similar tread pattern, but a $100 price difference per tire! The AT is a 55,000...
  2. Gabriel Bozeman


    So I am looking into getting new tires for my Land Rover (P38). I have heard and seen good things about the BFGoodrich KO and KM tires, but I've also heard of the Open Country line from Toyo Tires and various tires from Cooper. I'm currently running 28 inch tires (stock, I think). I am thinking...