OB Approved The Importance of Search and Rescue Insurance, Donations, and SAR Cards (US)

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Let me contribute to this great topic.

When we travel remotely in the US we get our evacuation and medical coverage through our Garmin InReach which is fairly inexpensive.

When we travel to more remote parts of the world we wanted to up our capability (not that InReach services aren't good) to include medical and other reasons for extraction and after comparing several companies we have been using World Nomads...

Travel Insurance simple and flexible

With this group you provide specific information about yourselves and what countries you'll be in and the time frames.
Their coverage is very extensive and I believe you could need the coverage if, for example, you required a med jet evacuation from Africa for example where we are returning to in a couple of months.

What ever you do having good coverage for your Expedition is well worth the small cost.
This is great information! Thanks! I will try to get it combined into the main post!
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