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  1. mayor_jimby

    Insurance options

    Hello, I just bought a brand new truck and I’m nervous to take it off-road because Geico won’t cover any damage incurred off the pavement. What do you all use for insurance?
  2. Tres

    Full coverage rig insurance?

    Been building up my rig for about 2 years. At this point I am WAY over the book value of my 89 Ford Bronco, but I can't find full coverage insurance. Any idea how to find insurance for a built 4x4, AND get full value for the upgrades? I am worried about theft and would really like some insurance.
  3. sipaez

    Baja California Off road Insurance?

    Hey everyone! I'm going down to Baja for Thanksgiving and I was hoping to go off road to go camping and exploring. I know I need insurance for my truck, but do people get any insurance, or is there any company in particular that would give you more coverage if you are off the main roads?
  4. ovrlndr

    OB Approved The Importance of Search and Rescue Insurance, Donations, and SAR Cards (US)

    This article applies to the United States, but the information may be useful to those outside of the U.S. as well. Being that search and rescue is typically a responsibility that falls to local law enforcement and varies state-to-state, it is difficult enough to scope this article for just the...
  5. k_dipietro

    Insurance for Modified Vehicles in Ontario

    Hey All. Some of you may already know where I am heading with this thread... It seems that finding an insurance company who is willing to offer coverage for a modified vehicle is nearly impossible. Though I don't have any real mods on my Jeep yet, I do plan to at least upgrade the tires soon...