SW Region - Meet Up Planning - Consolidated Thread

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reminder, so far about 10 confirmed, a couple maybes also:
Hello! We are planning a meet n greet for Northern Arizona on November 17 (members and non members), now looking at the map I selected a central location for all of us, and that is Seligman, which should be about an hour from you or so......

Meet at Westside Lilo's cafe in Seligman once I get done working a discount for us on food and beverages, if I can find a good one. I am figuring meet at 1 in the afternoon, not to early, not to late. Again it is about an hour away.

This will be an organizing meet as well as a meet n greet, I have an idea for a nice 2-3day (weekend) camping trip but welcome all ideas.... I also would like to move the meet n greet around the north of our state sow e can see other areas. Everything is on the table, everything can be decided by all of us. Future ideas can include some training/teaching on trail first aid, tire repair/change, recovery, you name I am open to it......

I know there are a ton of things going on but if you can squeeze out a couple hours, it would be great to meet everyone and get some ideas for future events flowing.

I will do a rally point for this so look for it, the Rally point will make a thread in the forums as well, please rsvp so I get an idea of how many.

Here is my email if you need it: sleepyjim@gmail.com

Looking forward to hearing from you and meeting you.

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Hi all, a few of us are going to do the Northern two sections of the NMBDR the weekend of 10/18 - 10/20.

If anyone is interested see this post:

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