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Show off your campsite

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Here's a few from a variety of types of campsites I've had in the last year.

View attachment 111703
Gulf of Mexico, trying out the Slumberjack Roadhouse Tarp along with trailer, awning, and RTT.

View attachment 111704
New Hampshire lake camping. This place was a blast, to be able to canoe right up to my campsite.

View attachment 111702
Desert camping in West Texas borderlands

View attachment 111701
Borderlands camping along the Rio Bravo del Norte for the specific purpose of night sky shooting. That's Mexico on the right, with the river not far behind my trailer.
I camped over thirty nights in this specific area, and over seventeen weeks straight within 75-80 miles of here.

View attachment 111706
This is a couple weeks ago in New England and shows the full megillah, with all four awning extension corners out, which doubles by square footage under cover at each end. Great for both shade in the desert and rain in the woods.

A guy stopped by to check it all out once and said "This is like the Swiss Army Knife of trailers!" Other than the obvious things like canoe and bike and sometimes the gen, most everything stays off the ground and is self-contained in van or trailer. Makes things super easy to set up and tear down.

I'm really happy with how well all the elements I've put together have worked and how efficiently they all complement each other. I've had the rig as seen above almost two years (canoe just over 14 mos) and have been out with it over 500 nights at this point, I think, with adventures lasting anywhere from a week to eight months straight.

Hey RoadDude

I really like the New Hampshire Lake photo. Did you kick the pond water to get that movement in the foreground?
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