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Show off your campsite

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Calexico, CA
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While looking for a photo for the “Old vehicle “ thread I came across this photo.
This is the way we would camp back in the day. Simpler times for sure. We would leave work in the afternoon and take off for the Chocolate Mountains and spend the weekend looking for Indian pictographs.
I don’t have any photos of what my camp looks like now, but it’s not much different, maybe a tent, tables and chairs, three burner stove, awning........ok, it’s a lot different!0FA4345D-70B4-4C33-A1B2-CD7040476BAD.jpegC8D3F9B8-77FC-4161-9024-6C3C96672A5D.jpeg

Todd & Meg

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That's an awesome set up! I love the little trailer
Thanks, It was a fun project. The build took a little over a year to get it to where we could use it. Still an ongoing project. After every trip we find new things to change or add. We really like not sleeping on the ground and can keep everything packed ready to go.

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Virginia, USA
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Wow, love the open prairie! Here in Virginia everywhere is so wooded, which is good, but pics like that make me want to try something different!