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Been coming to this site for a few years now. Great spot to relax when you want some tough obstacles to play on near by! 20210814_070239.jpg
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Bay Area, CA, USA
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Just got back from a single day stop at Portola Valley Redwoods. We've been trying to go there and have had to cancel 4x! We actually got a email saying they are closing due to drought conditions and why we only stayed one night. When we arrived-they had actually canceled our reservations completely but luckily there was availability so we got to pick our spot.



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5100 Verde Valley Lane, Dallas, Texas 75254, United States
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Nice rig, would love to see your set up in more detail. I have an XJ as well, only 2wd but it hasnt left me me stranded yet.
Did you remove your rear seat and put in a platform to make it flat?

Looks awesome, I’ll be camping next weekend and I’ll take some photos of my set up

I wasn't sure I'd be OK with a 2 dr. XJ vs. 4 dr. for camping but it's been great. I slept in the back - moved the passenger's seat forward, entered from that side and with my head at the tailgate. I could sit up just fine with my feet in the rear footwell. Changing clothes was no problem. I use this as a daily driver and don't want to build a drawer or kitchen system for it.

Just a few quick notes ...
- Sleeping pad with a wool blanket. Very comfortable and plenty of space for me at 5'8".
- Made some window screens with removable rain gutters.
- Have a 12V fan in the cargo area but will only need it on the hottest of nights. It's powered by the 2000W 12V inverter power pack seen in the back. It has a light, USB, 12V jacks, DC plugs, etc.
- Installed a 12V "porch' light for under the canopy. Works great! ( SUPAREE LED RV Exterior Porch Utility Light - Black 12V 750 Lumen Lighting Fixture Kit Replacement for RVs Trailers Campers, Lighting - Amazon Canada ). Hard to get a good night pic due to brightness.
- Also added LED strips to the rear headliner and the tailgate door - triggered by separate on/off switches when the tailgate is open.
- I built the roof rack to carry the canopy and 1 kayak. When my wife and I camp I swap out the cross bars and take 2 kayaks. When it's the 2 of us I tow a tear drop trailer and don't need the Jeep canopy.
- The cargo area was not packed full but close to it. When away from camp (kayaking, fishing, hiking, etc.) I put all miscellaneous camp equipment, paddles/PFD, rod/box/net, fire wood, clothes bag, cooler, etc. in my "camp garage". It's a not quite 4'x8' air suspension tent (no poles) and it holds a LOT, although not seen with much in it below. Apart from keeping my site clean and organized plus freeing up cargo area to sleep in, it gives a "presence" when I'm away from the site. I wouldn't want to leave my "stuff" exposed. It's the only thing on the site when I'm not and I'm sure people walk by and say ... "poor guy has to sleep in THAT thing. :grinning:

Here are some pics taken during this trip ....


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Newmarket, Ontario
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Did you remove your rear seat and put in a platform to make it flat?

Looks awesome, I’ll be camping next weekend and I’ll take some photos of my set up
I removed the seat part of the rear seat (comes out in 20 seconds) and just folded the back down. My plan is to take the complete rear seat out and build a "Goose Gear" type of floor/storage deck to cover the complete cargo area.

I look forward to seeing your pics.