Poor Mans Troopy build

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Greenville, SC, USA
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Hey guys! My name Tyler I’m a new member to the Overland Bound Community.

I have long dreamed (and saved) of getting a vehicle to build out to start overlanding.

I’m SUPER excited to announce and share my 1988 Isuzu Trooper LS 4WD IMG_6085.JPG

The hopes for the truck are:
-1” suspension lift
-1”body lift
-31” tires
- other armor and accessories to come

I’m hoping to swap from my 2.6L gas to the 2.8L turbo diesel they used In Australia (if anyone had a lead on one please pm me)

Some of the following photos are my inspiration for the build IMG_5986.JPGIMG_5973.JPGIMG_5780.JPG


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Northern VA
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Welcome to the community. Looks like you have some great inspiration and vision - I look forward to following your build!

Side note - I’ve got $10 that says after you are out and about in your troopy you won’t think that the title “poor mans troopy build” is appropriate - wealth isn’t measured by money in the bank, but rather the value of how you spend your time. If your out overlanding - you’re richer than most.


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Selah Wa
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COOL, I love the Troopers. I had one for a short time. It had the GM 2.8L V8 engine in it and it was junk. I had a GM 4.3L V6 Diesel that shares the same bellhousing bolt pattern as the 2.8L. I was working on installng it when funds ran out and I had to sell it to a friend. I wish I could have finished that project as a 4.3L Diesel V6 in that thing would have been a lot of fun.
BTW, the 4.3L Diesel is the rarest of the rare, it was only offered in the mid sized GM cars from 84-86. It was rock solid and was a cut down 350 Diesel with all the problems fixed, but by then the GM Diesel program was too far in the toilet to recover.
Anyway, good luck with this build, it looks like fun and a great start to a really cool Overlander.


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North Potomac, MD, USA
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I had one of those I bought new. I really liked it and sold it too soon. Please remember that it doesn't have lockers or limited slip diff. If you go off road recovery gear will really help. (From experience)

Tires I think are step 1. Then recovery gear. Then go have fun