On Call w/ Chris EP7: Allergic Reactions

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Thank you so much for doing this! I have plenty of anaphylactic food allergies myself, which is actually one of the reasons I got into overlanding in the first place, as I can bring all the food I need to bring, with me! I carry a couple Epi's in my first-aid kit and have had to use them a few times - not on myself, but on others who didn't know they were allergic to bees and certain plants.

I wrote my thesis on food allergies in young adults. A lot of people think it's a problem that just affects kids, which it isn't. One thing that stuck with me through the research was how common and varied allergies are. About 7% of people are allergic to something, and that could be anything. It's often not something you grow out of, either.
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Chris, what are your thoughts on carrying PO Pepcid to give as well? In the hospital setting I know we give Pepcid for H2 antagonist through an IV, will it help being given by mouth in the field?

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If there are mild symptoms then Pepcid might help but in the PO form the dose has to be much larger than normal due to first pass metabolism in the liver. I wouldn’t rely on it in the back country. If you only have Benadryl and Pepcid then go for it and use both.
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