Member map showing me in the wrong country

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J Tosh Reed

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Nanaimo, BC, Canada
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Hey all,
I've been trying to fix this for a while, Im on the west coast of Canada, and the member map keeps showing me in the extreme south east of the USA, like 5 thousand km from where I am. I tried from different computers, clearing caches, etc. Tried a bunch of suggestions but nothing seems to work.
Any suggestions?


Western Europe Moderator

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North Walsham, Norfolk, UK
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Hey @J Tosh Reed ,

There are a couple things to try:
Top Left - Username > Personal Details
Ensure that the location you want to show on the map is written in the field named : Location
you can verify it is correct by copy and paste into Google Map, where that shows on google map, should show on the member map

Top Left - Username > Privacy
Check the settings at the bottom of the page:
Enable "Mark my position on map:" and select "My entry location" (as this will pull info from the steps above)
Then the next option below "Point my location randomly on map:" you can enable or disable which points your true location anywhere within a radius randomly

Please note that the Map only updates ONCE per day at midnight PDT as a snapshot

If you continue to see issues please reach out to @Steve or @Michael who can take a deeper look into it for you

All the best