Let's see those full size rigs - Trucks & SUV

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Looks good! I see you have your Maxtrax mounted inverted under your cross bars... How long have you been running them like that? I've been curious if the mounting pins would hold up to the dynamic load of 4 Maxtrax in the inverted position long term.
It’s only been a few weeks but I feel like they should hold up well. I’m probably going to have to set up some better brackets for mounting the pins to the rails, what I have now was just to get them mounted
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Man the truck looks great! What set up do you have with the topper to hold the RTT?
Thanks! When I ordered the cap (Leer XL100) I got the package where the long tracks for the Thule roof racks are bolted through the roof, and help distribute the weight. I know they have a pretty low weight rating, but after talking with others who have done it, and figuring in a safety factor of 3 on the weight limit, I decided to try the set up this way. Two years of sleeping four (2 adults, 2 young teens) there have been no issues or concerns. I see some add a third crossbar to spread the weight a little more, but so far my setup is working well.
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