Joined a few years ago and here to finally use the app and membership

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Kent R

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El Dorado, Ca
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So any tips will be appreciated
Welcome to Overland Bound
First off I activated your membership, you now have full access to the forum and map.
Don't hesitate to message your Regional Director @Narbob if you have any questions.
For local information about trips and meet-ups contact your NorCal Member Representative; Bay Area @PapaDave
Check the forum calendar and Meet-Up page for events, and the Trip Planning page for trips being planned by members. These pages can be filtered by region.
Overland Bound Meetups
Overland Trip Planning
Quick adult & youthTread Lightly online awareness course.
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Livermore, CA, USA
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So any tips will be appreciated
Glad you are here, I am the Bay Area member rep and I can help connect you to meet ups that are happening near you. In Pleasanton CA there is a meet up on the second Sunday’s of the month and it has a great regular turn out and active. The Tri-Valley (Pleasanton) group had a big year with 7 trips and have 2021 all planned out!

Our next meet up will be March 14th, 1-3pm. Below is a link to the meet up page and thread with information.

This is the regular meet up info

US West - Tri-Valley Monthly Meet Up- Pleasanton CA

I am working on trying to get a Santa Rosa meet up started soon when things relax a little there.