InTech RV Trailer Build

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We've enjoyed ours a lot.
Hey Thanks! We are pretty excited about taking delivery mid June. Nice looking set up y’all have there!
What solar panels and size did you go with? I am looking at Zamp, but they are spendy $$$. Open to suggestions here.
We purchased a Honda Handi 3000i for boon-docking. Any pointers appreciated!
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We are using zamp 100w. I need to upgrade the battery and I planon putting on a tongue box soon.
Cracked the windows a little to help with the condensation.
I've upgraded that tarp tho a mounted one that has a room that attaches to it, haven't used it yet....have fun
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Hey, we live in Hampton just across the river from you. We bought the XLT Flyer. Fold out bed with double foxwing awnings. Didn't go with the pull out kitchen because we felt the height of the stove was too high. I would be cooking at chest high. We also love the taller design we can almost stand straight up, which with herniated disks is important. Plus the back door on that model folds down into a ramp for easy loading and unloading. Enjoy your InTech.

I absolutely love mine. I color matched it to my tacoma and both the truck and intech are getting a lift. Only way to do lift is by changing the axle to a 45degree instead of the 0 degree. I’ll obtain about 5” of lift.


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